Fine Wining with HQ & Creation

Fine Wining is all about the magic that happens when you pair excellent food with amazing wines.

HQ has partnered with popular wine farms around the Western Cape. An amazing way to showcase the harmony of delicious food from HQ’s signature dishes paired with excellent wines from well-respected wine farms.

HQ is situated in the heart of Heritage Square in Cape Town’s city centre. They are renowned for their signature sirloin steak, chips and salad that brings an elegant simplicity and dining experience for every meat lovers’ taste buds.

Recently this fine wining experience took us on a journey where the food was paired with Creation Wines. Creation Wines, situated in the Hemel-en-Aarde valley near Hermanus, showcased their wines with elegance and style.

The evening kicked off with a glass of Creation Elation MCC NV. This is 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir. This is delightfully refreshing with a touch of finesse. Beautiful aromas of brioche and citrus. On the palate you can find delicious flavours of grapefruit and dried apple. Well-balanced and well refined.

This was accompanied with pickled oysters served with cucumber sake, broth pickled shallots, sea pearls, spicy apple foam, finished off with a spicy syrup.

Carolyn Martin, Creation’s co-owner and marketing director, gave us a warming introduction about Creation Wines, where they are located as well as the wines to be enjoyed for the evening.

Ricky Botsis who is a regular performer at HQ, jazzed up the evening with live entertainment singing Sinatra-style songs.


A crisp salad of Cos and Iceberg leaves, toasted Pine Nuts, Parmesan shavings and dressed with a Dijon mustard vinaigrette.

Wine Pairing: Creation Chardonnay 2017

What looks like a simple salad is actually really delicious. The toasted Pine Nuts and parmesan shavings elevate this salad with a crunch of deliciousness and flavour. The Cos and Iceberg leaves are fresh and the Dijon mustard vinaigrette simply marries all the flavours together.

The Creation Chardonnay 2017 shows an attractive flavour profile that is generously laden with fruit and delicate spice notes. Beautiful aromas of pear and peach are complimented by a combination of vanilla and fresh mineral tones. The palate is generous with concentrated fruit, delicate spices and minerality. Lingering finish with a crisp aftertaste.


250g Sirloin wet aged for 21 days and grilled to perfection, served with skinny fries & Café de Paris butter.


Portabella mushrooms stuffed with a rich Duxelle, gratinated with Parmesan cheese and served with skinny fries & Café de Paris butter.

Wine Pairing: Creation Reserve Merlot 2015

Who doesn’t like a great steak that is grilled to perfection and well-seasoned? Topped with Café de Paris butter that just melts in your mouth. The skinny fries are warm bundles of starchy goodness and simply delicious! For non-meat eaters you can enjoy Portabella mushrooms with skinny fries and Café de Paris butter.

Creation Reserve Merlot 2015 was paired with this Main Course. This wine is complexed with a bounty of fruity, spicy aromas to invite you in. On the palate, rewarding dark chocolate and mocha combine with generous ripe berry flavours.


Milk Chocolate Cremeaux, star anise shortbread, black olive, pomegranite and liquorice bubble.

Wine Pairing: Creation Syrah Grenache 2016

Wow! What a dessert to end the evening on a high note. An interesting dessert with so many flavour profiles. All the components taste absolute delicious and my taste buds were singing with joy! This is a heavenly dessert that deserves all the credit.

This dessert was paired with Creation Syrah Grenache 2016. A Rhône-style blend consists of Syrah and Grenache. Full in body on the palate with concentrated flavours and aromas of black pepper and ripe plum.

What a great event for foodies and wine lovers with an evening filled with dining excellence – it is simply one of life’s most joyful pleasures!

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