Wine Route Dining at Muratie

Muratie Wine Farm recently hosted a Wine Route Dining experience together with The Goose Roasters.

Muratie is rich in heritage, with a wonderful aura wherever you are on the farm of all the generations that have lived and worked there. Situated at the foothills of the Simonsberg, Muratie Wine Estate tells the story of winemaking in South Africa, a history almost as old as the country herself.

Standing in front of the cellar door at Muratie, you will see a small white building, this was the first home that Laurens Campher built for his family. Beside the house is the oak tree his wife, Ansela van de Caab, planted. The strength and beauty of the tree is testament to the steadfast love Lourens had for his Ansela.

Muratie was founded in 1685, by Lourens Campher. Although it was only during 1909 – 1911 when Sarah Alice Stanford owned the farm did it offically get known as Muratie Wine Farm. The history that is found around the farm is outstanding from the buildings to the shrubbery there is something there from each owner to be remembered by.

The evening kicked off where owner, Rijk Melck captivated us with his great knowledge of history and his passion for wine.


We started off with a delicious Yam pak salad. It was delicious and flavoursome with a crunchy texture that just elevated this dish.

Lady Alice MCC 2015

The Lady Alice is a sparkling Rosé made from Pinot Noir grapes with a small percentage of Chardonnay. It possesses a stunning touch of onion skin in terms of colour that entices you to discover more of its pleasures. It is beautifully crisp and dry on the palate and is perfect for drinking on its own or with food.

Muratie’s Cap Classique honours Lady Alice Sarah Stanford, who was married to a senator, and as custodians of Muratie after they bought the farm in 1909, they lived the life of the landed gentry at the time. Life was filled with endless festivities: luncheons, cocktails, soirées, banquets, balls and fancy dress parties as well as hosts of shooting, hunting and tennis gatherings. And as a high society lady of note, Lady Alice was adept at turning every event into a dance party, with jazzy tunes in the background and the notes of fine wine on the nose.


Our first starter was a Prawn cracker crusted crab served with baby leaves, carrot, radish and cucumber ribbons, accompanied with deep fried chilli jam and emulsion.

Melck’s Sauvignon Blanc 2018

This wine is crisp and refreshing. It has a peachy perfume leading to a fruit salad of flavours, from green apple and lime to tropical guava and pineapple. Dry and zesty with a clean, persistent, mineral finish.


Our second starter was Potato, waterblommetjie and lamb consommé, served with a waterblommetjie tempura and a sauce vierge.

Martin Melck Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

This 100% Simonsberg Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon shows a rich ruby colour with cassis, plum and black berries on the nose. On the palate there is a great balance and integration of fruit and oak. The wine has a strong mid-palate and offers a full, lingering aftertaste.

Sourced from three different blocks on the estate, it’s opulent yet polished, a wine of integration, balance and great length, true to its terroir just as Melck stayed true to his beliefs.

Martin Melck, who owned Muratie from 1763 to 1781, was a man of wealth as much as he was of Charity. But what grieved him was that the members of his Faith were forbidden to form a congregation. He never gave up Hope and built a hidden church – ostensibly a packing shed. It was only a year before Melck’s passing that his congregation was allowed to worship openly. His greatest love though proved to be for his daughter, Anna Catherina, ro whom he eventually gave Muratie. Her name means Purity.


For Mains we had a delicious chargrilled matured beef sirloin served with parsnip soubise, spring onion and herb butter, bacon arancini and sauce bordelaise.

Ansela van de Caab 2015

This is a blend that consists of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Merlot and 21% Cabernet Franc. Dark, intense and brooding – all watchwords for the exciting wine to come. The nose promises much – cedar wood, cigar box, tiny blackcurrants and a distinctive herbaceous edge courtesy of the Cabernet Franc – and the palate more than delivers on that promise with rich, savoury flavours of black olive tapenade, cassis, some perfumed sandalwood and a long finish which develops from fruit to savoury, and ends with an enticing combination of the two. This wine epitomises balance, with the elegant tannins, fresh acidity and masterly oak treatment all playing their part. A wine to savour and sip with the very finest culinary offerings, or simply to be enjoyed with good friends, worthy of the name.

For three days Laurens Campher – a dashing German soldier and then owner of Muratie – would walk to see the love of his life, Ansela van de Caab. But Ansela, having being born into slavery in the quarters of the Cape notorious castle, meant the illicit love affair and most dangerous liaison had to be kept a secret. Emancipation only came in 1699 when Laurens collected and married this once child slave who became mother of his three children.


We ended off a wonderful and insightful evening with a mouthwatering dessert. Think Tiramisu semi freso, coffee Chantilly and an espresso anglaise.

Amber Forever 2015

Made from 100% Muscat d’Alexandrie. ‘Heady, sweet and luscious’ are all words which spring to mind when first coming into contact with this wine. Aromas of sweet sun-ripened grapes, musk perfume, rose petals and hints of litchis give way to a gently-sweet mouthful of golden raisins, fynbos honey, exotic earthy notes all offset by a crisp acidity which keeps the sweetness in check. Wonderful balance of alcohol with fruit intensity leads through to a long sweet finish of poached pears and perfumed peaches.

Muratie’s Amber was first produced by George Paul Canitz in the 1940’s. The name Amber originated from both the colour of the product as well as the novel Forever Amber written by Kathleen Winsor in the 1940’s. This novel is the story of a high class girl who kept some of the British upper class gentleman happy and content in the 1940’s! Hence the quote by Canitz “To happy days and glorious nights, Forever Amber”.

The stunning view of Table Mountain and the ancient oak trees surrounding the farm give you a real feeling of relaxation, making this an ideal place to visit.

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