The Hickory Shack – Elegantly Elgin

Love Texas BBQ-style food? Then head over to The Hickory Shack in Elgin.

Expect an expansive wooden deck as you enter the restaurant with beautiful views of the mountains and smoking shed. The inside is simple and straightforward with a fireplace to set a warm and inviting ambiance.

Texas-BBQ style cooking is probably the last thing you would expect to find in Elgin, but you will be glad you did after visiting The Hickory Shack!

They honour the Texas tradition of dry rub meat over smoke and sauce after. This is slow-cooking at its very best. Apple and other fruit woods are used to smoke everything from brisket to pork ribs, giant beef ribs, whole chickens and sausages.

Plating is simple: a board with brown paper does the trick, and the idea is to get stuck in. The smoked mest dishes are served with slaw, buttermilk mash, fries or corn salad. All the accompanying pickles and sauces – from apple chutney to hot bastard – are Hickory home-made.

The belly ribs is a favourite. They are tender, tasty, cooked for 4 hours in the smoker, spritzed with raw Everson’s cider, along with a dry Southern rub.

Indecisive what to order? Then order a little bit of everything and share, that way you won’t miss out on a thing!



T: 021 300 1396

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