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Elgin is renowned for its cool climate and it creates a sense of calm with a touch of adventure.

Abundance of orchards, forests, vineyards and mountain views create the perfect countryside setting where you can switch off from the hustle and bustle of the city life and indulge in the finer things in life.

The Highlands Road Estate is a small, family owned and managed estate by Michael White in the beautiful Elgin Valley. The winding roads through the vineyards and orchards on the way to Highlands Road already fills one with a sense of tranquility.

The restaurant and tasting room is set beside the dam. A perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed alfresco lunch under the trees with a glass of award-winning wines from Highlands Road.

Michael took us through the wines and shared his knowledge and passion about each wine. They are known for their Sauvignon Blanc and their range of wines include elegant white blends, Chardonnay, Rosé,  Pinot Noir as well as dessert wines for a perfect finish. 


Pale straw coloured with a hint of green. On the nose, flinty grapefruit and cut grass with a subtle undertone of green gooseberry and white peach.  On the palate, a bouncy acidity combines well with the fruit and gravelly flintiness of the typical Elgin Sauvignon Blanc to give this wine a lovely mouthfeel and a lingering finish.

For the clan of Highlands Road, this superb wine is the fruition of a lifelong dream. The beautiful Elgin Valley with its perfect, cool climate resembles the Highlands of Scotland and it is by no coincidence that this is the home of Highlsnds Road Wines.


A beautiful wine with complex, earthy yet floral and vanilla notes. Super smooth palate with hints of fruit and a persistent finish.

Semillon is a French grape varietal and as such the pronunciation is not straightforward. It is pronounced Sem-mee-yon. Semillon aromas are of green apple, blossoms, lemon and perhaps lanolin. Palates range from tart lime juice, green pear, crunchy green apples to tropical fruits, nuts, passionfruit and grass.


This is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. On the nose you get intense aromas of tropical fruit and hints of lemon zest. Fruit follows on palate with great natural acidity and lingering taste. Lovely smooth wine, slightly oaked with elegant finish.

Sauvignon Blanc – Semillon is a classic white wine blend. It is most widely produced in France, where both Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are well-established varieties. The versatile blend is typically made into crisp, dry wines. The blend is endowed with vibrant acidity and grassy aromas by Sauvignon Blanc, and its structure and mouthfeel from Semillon.


Alluring lemon meringue and grapefruit aromas deliver a well balanced but full mouthfeel on the palate. A superb expression of Elgin terroir offering voluptuous fruit with a seamlessly lengthy finish.


This rosé has a gorgeous rose petal colour. This wine has enticing aromas of strawberry and tropical fruit with a soft palate and clean finish. Lovely depth of flavour, elegance personified and a moutfeel of grace.

Making Rosé is all about timing. The longer the skins are in the juice, the darker the colour of the wine. Rosé is essentially a pink wine made from red grapes, with minimal skin contact, in the style of a white wine. Like most white wines, Rosés are best served chilled and enjoyed soon after release. They are fantastically food-friendly, and perfectly suited to our warmer climate and laid-back lifestyle.


Ruby red with a vibrant edge, juniper berry, black currant and tossted almonds on the nose. Subtle flavours of ripe fruit, gentle tannins and roasted nuts with a generous finish.

This thin-skinned grape is a notoriously temperamental variety and is often describe as a naughty child. It is a varietal that relies on aromatic deliveries to capture your attention. It is not a wine that relies on tannins and big structure.


A particularly charming wine with fruity aromas. This wine has the classic plum berry fruit and spice clove aromas, typical of Pinot Noir, following on to an aftertaste of cranberry, strawberry and cherry fruits. Perfectly elegant wine that shows good intensity and a lengthy finish.

The name, derived from the French words that mean “pine” and “black”, refers to the compact conical shape of the grape bunches that resemble a pine cone and the dark colour of the berries.


The sugar and acidity are in perfect balance, with fresh red berry fruit is notes. The palate has a beautifully creamy strawberry character with a touch of spice, and the wine finishes with a lingering acidity that delivers a refreshing, invigorating lift.

Noble Late Harvest wines are made from grapes that are left on the vine a lot longer than normal. In return the grapes become naturally sweeter over time as each individual grape dehydrates and the sugar content becomes more concentrated. The end result is a delicious dessert wine with a delicate, sweet aftertaste that lingers forever.


75 Highlands Road, Elgin

Western Cape, South Africa


M.  +27 71 271 0161

E.   info@highlandsroadestate.co.za

W.   highlandsroadestate.co.za



Monday to Sunday from 10h00-16h00

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