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What makes a great wine?

“True legacy. The gift of a history steeped in experience. True inspiration. Inspiration derived from honing the talents of fertile soil, ideal climate and fruits of a superior vine. True mastery. Mastery that can only come with time and experience. True Taste. Taste derived from passionate winemaking, blended with a whole lot of soul. This is the essence that embodies wines of True Character, Wines by Nuy”.

Nuy Winery is located on top of a hill with the most beautiful panoramic views over the Nuy Valley, vineyards and surrounding mountains.

Nuy on the hill is part of Nuy Winery and as you walk in the door you are welcomed by a large and airy space with floor to ceiling windows to create a beautiful backdrop of that gorgeous view.

The venue features wine tasting section as well as a deli. The restaurant dishes ranging from tapas, woodfired pizzas, hamburgers and steaks, to a selection of banting dishes. The deli is stocked with a variety of preserved products sourced from local and afar, homebrewed coffees, freshly baked breads and speciality pastries.


At Nuy, our goal is to steadfastly produce bottle after bottle of wine… wine of true character… We purposely run a limited operation here, in order to ensure that every part of the winemaking process is done under a watchful, experienced eye. So close your eyes uncork a bottle of Nuy and breathe in that character that sets our wines apart.



This gin has tangy, fruity flavours with top notes of granadilla and mango with a hint of citrus. The gin goes perfectly with a wedge of lime and fresh thyme garnish, plenty of ice and finished off with Indian tonic water served as a classic G&T. This gin was paired with a lemon meringue and balance out the tangy citrus flavours of the gin.

NUY’s unique craft gin recipes were carefully created through various experimental batches in order to craft both complex and balanced recipes which cater for all gin lovers. A sugar cane base spirit is used as the blank canvas onto which the recipes are imparted through a combination of maceration and distillation. All botanicals used in the recipes are whole fruit and herbs with no artificial flavouring.


This gin is a complex spicy spirit with top notes of ginseng and cassia with a hint of citrus and undertones of aniseed. The gin goes well with a slice of orange, black peppercorns and a couple of sliced cherry tomatoes as garnish, plenty of ice and finished off with Indian tonic water creating a G&T with a slight twist. This gin was paired with a chocolate brownie and candied orange.

The oils from the botanicals added during the distillation process give the gin a clear blue hue which can be seen once water or tonic is added. The final product is an extremely smooth spirit which should be enjoyed neat or as a classic G&T.


Fruity, fresh with hints of roasted nuts, crushed green herbs, sun dried peaches and spice cake. Long smooth, lingering spicy finish. Double distilled, a combination of 45% three years, 45% five years and 10% 20 years. This was paired with a soft caramel.

Nuy added this unique double pot-stilled brandy to perfectly blend in with their range of quality wines and handcrafted gins. Vat Matured with a bright amber colour.

Visiting Nuy Winery is an experience on its own ans what a great way to spend the afternoon at one of the Cape’s spectacular wine farms, with breathtaking views and a relaxed rural ambience completing the picture.

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