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If you think that the Breedekloof is all about wine, think again! Although the Breedekloof Valley is home to large-scale wine producing cooperatives, this charming valley just on the other side of the Huguenot tunnel, offers a lot more than meets the eye.

In the heart of the Breede River Valley is where you would find Wysersdrif Game Breeders. It boasts a large variety of game species such as Oryx, Golden Oryx Buffalo, Quagga, Bontebok, Red Hartebees only but to name a few.

Come and explore an adventurous game drive in an open safari vehicle with panoramic views of mountains and valleys to create a beautiful backdrop. Why not sip on a steaming cup of coffee with homemade rusks surrounded by open nature?

Game drives are available by booking only.

Wysersdrift Farm, Goudiniweg ,Rawsonville

Telephone: 072 355 2706

Email: dekaapwild@gmail.com

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