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There is no denying that gin is one of the world’s fastest growing spirits. Made primarily of juniper berries, local gins usually incorporate locally sourced botanicals to give their gin unique characteristics and flavour.

With all the local fynbos that grows in the Cape Town area, this makes our gin local, authentic, high quality and proudly South African.

Nestled in the beautiful Breedekloof Valley is where you would find this quaint gin distillery called Monks Gin.

Monks Gin started about 3 years ago. Initially it started off in a garage then they moved into a wine cellar where production was small and local.

Last year they built the current distillery and Coenie Lategan who is in charge of the business joined forced with Nic Davis and his sons. Nic is the main distiller and they are also responsible for the marketing.

The branding is vibrant with an interesting symbol inside of the letter O in Monks lettering is the alchemic symbol for copper. The copper colour theme also runs through the gin branding.

The Monks brand consists of three different gins. They have a blueberry one as they farm with blueberries on the farm across the road.

They are also surrounded by Fynbos and their one gin is infused with Sceletium. Sceletium is like a booster that makes you feel better. Almost all of Monks botanicals come from the Breede valley, with all of the fynbos hand-foraged off their farm. They are also the first in South Africa to produced a hemp-infused gin.

They also export their gins to Canada, Australia and Europe. Exporting is quite challenging as in South Africa we use 750ml bottles and overseas it’s 700ml bottles. So it means different bottles, branding, labelling etc.

Monks Medella Gin is infused with anti-oxidant rich hand picked blueberries with spicy hints of African Ginger. The blueberries are first macerated for ten days, which pulls out all the goodness and flavour which is then added to the gin. The Medella has such a powerful flavour that it doesn’t matter what you add, the gin will always come through. Light and refreshing this gin can be enjoyed by everyone.

This is their first born gin. Monks Mysterium Gin is infused with healing herbs of Buchu and Sceletium – a natural mood enhancer, a range of juicy citrus fruits and complementing botanicals of juniper berries, coriander, orris root and angelica root. On the palette, it is so soft and delicate that it can be enjoyed on the rocks.

This is the latest edition to their range – a Hemp infused gin. Monks Mary Jane is South Africa’s first ever infused Gin with the miracle Hemp plant. Imagine citrus flavours perfectly aroused with hand picked botanicals of star anise and cardomon. This gin does contain hemp but it does not contain any of the active ingredients that can make you high, so you will not get stoned from drinking this gin, only enjoy the gorgeous citrus flavour that the hemp provides as well as the gentle anise from the perfect selection of bucchu.

As they are still a small distillery, they are only open by appointment, but its definitely worth the visit. Be warned – you won’t leave empty handed as their gins are refreshing and can be enjoyed by everybody.

Tel: 082 455 9812

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