Bombay Brasserie at Taj Cape Town

We recently attended the Media Relaunch and the official reopening of the The new Bombay Brasserie at Taj Cape Town. A restaurant where the authentic fragrant flavours of India meets fine dining in the heart of the Mother City.

Chef David Tilly and his team of talented chefs took members of the press on an aromatic journey through the newly transformed and refurbished Bombay Brasserie at Taj Cape Town. Indian cuisines are known all over the world for their mouth-watering taste and mind-blowing aromas.

It’s a fine-dining experience that will take your taste buds on a gastronomic journey to India. The
food is prepared from only the finest and freshest ingredients, you can taste the wonderful symphony of flavours in every bite.

Bombay Brasserie greets you with a modern flair of rustic features and handwoven fabric textures. Earthy tones and different shades of blue add to the ambience of style and finesse.

The aim of the revamp is small plates of Indian streetfood style dishes with a twist. Bombay Brasserie will offer diverse cooking styles from all across India and adds two unique elements, authentic Cape Town flair and flavour.

Chef David Tilly took us on a culinary delight where we experienced a taste of the extraordinary new restaurant menu through mouth-watering Indian streetfood style dishes.

On arrival we enjoyed authenic Indian canapés with a glass of bubbly as we await more guests to arrive.


•Ostrich and Raisin Samosa•

A savoury triangle pocket filled with deliciousness. This moreish Indian snack is packed with spice and Ostrich for a South African twist. Served with Coriander Yoghurt to elevate the flavours.

•Semolina & Potato Sphere Chaat•

Chaat is a savoury snack originating in India, typically served as a hors d’oeuvre at road-side tracks from stalls or food carts. The word ‘chaat’ derives from Hindi meaning “tasting or delicacy”.

The texture is crispy and crunch with a tangy sweet yoghurt and tamarind. It is so addictive, you keep wanting more.

•Quinoa “Tikka” Kebab•

A delicious appetiser for any vegetarian out there as it is made out of quinoa. A tiny grain that has a similar texture to couscous but has a light nutty flavour. This is topped with a flavour bomb of Cumin Raita and Mint Chutney. Absolutely delightful!

•Vegetable Kofta Curry•

The vegetable koftas are round shaped dumplings along with spices and deep fried. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Dunked in a rich, creamy, delicious curry that is just pleasing to the palate. You almost want to lick the bowl!


•Mustard Marinated Broccoli Florets•

Who says broccoli has to be boring? Gone are the days where they are just steamed and flavourless and you just have to eat them because green vegetables are good for you.

You will change your mind once you have tried the Mustard Marinated Broccoli Florets from Bombay Brasserie. It is sprinkled with Onion Seeds but be warned, they are irresistable. You will keep going back to it.

•Truffle Mushrooms•

Mushrooms are very versatile and it has a depth of flavour. The Truffle and Peppers scented chestnut mushrooms are delicious and a favourite amongst the table. You can’t go wrong with that especially if you love mushrooms.

•Paneer Tikka•

Paneer Tikka is an Indian dish made from chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor. It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka and other meat dishes. It bursts with Indian flavours and so delicious.

•Adraki Masala Karoo Lamb Chops•

This is marinated with a Masala Chicken Tikka. This was my favourite of the night and I am not even a big fan of lamb chops but these Lamb Chops from Bombay Brasserie have converted me. Packed full of flavour and your tastebuds will sing with joy as you sink your teeth into these mouthwatering lamb chops.

•Malai Chicken and Fish Tikka•

Malai Chicken Tikka is known by many names, chicken malai kabab, murgh malai tikka or sometimes even referred as just Murgh Malai. The meat is tender and juicy and every bite is nothing short of an explosion of flavour.

•Tulsi Prawns•

Basil marinated Tiger prawns and Saffron Yoghurt cooked in a tandoor. A zesty herb flavour lends a fresh, aromatic punch. They are succulent and juicy. You will be going back for more.


•Chai Crème Brûlée•

The warm, spicy taste of chai tea is a perfect addition to this rich creme brûlée dessert with that traditional crunchy topping of caramelized sugar. The brûlée is soft and creamy and is served with a Cashew nut biscotti for a crunchy texture.

•Nougat ‘Kulfi’ Ice Cream•

Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream made with milk, sugar and spices. A bite into this flavourful, creamy frozen dessert is unbeatable after a warm spicy meal. It is topped with a Berry Coulis and seasonal fruit for freshness.


The Mango, Passionfruit and Sweet Basil sorbet is tropical, tangy, light and refreshing. This is a simple yet elegant dessert. A scoop of mango sorbet is a little extra treat to go along with all this tropical goodness. Especially to cleanse the palate after a rich, spicy Tandoori tasting plate.

This outstanding restaurant checks all the boxes of a fine dining experience and will pave way for you to enjoy Indian food like no other!

Also occupying the space is a relaxed bar area, where diners can enjoy pre- or post-dinner tipples in plush surrounds, where indoor plants and sumptuous furnishings enhance the atmosphere.

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T +27 21 819 2026
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