De Krans Moscato Perlé – a refreshing alternative to a bubbly

Originally from Italy where it is known as Moscato d’Asti (Moscato from the Asti region in northwest Italy), Moscato as a variety is not exactly new to the South African wine scene. De Krans, located in Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo region, first produced a Moscato perlé wine back in 2012. The wine style has started gaining momentum and has now become one of their most popular sellers.

What makes Moscato as a wine style so appealing is that it falls in the sweet spot of having a low alcohol content, moderate sweetness and a lovely sparkle. Add the delicious fruit character and you have a hit.

Going into Summer, there are a few things South Africans simply can’t live without – braaing, beach time, quality time with friends and family and of course, a glass of vino in hand to keep cool on those hot days and to celebrate the balmy summer nights. The De Krans Premium Moscato range is the perfect Summer accompaniment with the added bonus that you won’t be breaking the bank, either. Both the De Krans Moscato White and Red are widely available at selected retailers at approximately R67 per bottle, and if you haven’t tasted De Krans Moscato yet, you are in for a treat.

The De Krans Premium Moscato White has the typical muscat flavour (the wines is produced using Muscadel grapes) with tropical fruit flavours such as litchi and apricot with notes of honey. With an alcohol of 7.5% and a slight fizz to create an illusion of a sparkling wine, this Moscato is the perfect, and more affordable alternative for an MCC. While perfectly suited to be served as an aperitif, the wine also pairs surprisingly well with food such as Summer salads, charcuterie and food with spice, such as curries and wasabi.

In turn, the De Krans Premium Moscato Red, boasts with different fruit flavours such as red berries, blackcurrants, muscat and exotic spice. What makes the Premium Red Moscato so unique is the Pinotage grapes which are added to the muscadel, resulting in a more complex fruit profile with a slightly drier finish, in comparison to the White Moscato. The Red Moscato also delights with a low alcohol of 8.5% and is perfect to pair with cheese and fruit platters.

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