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The Breedekloof Valley is home to large-scale wine producing cooperatives of which most wine farms are family-owned farms. This charming valley offers a lot more than meets the eye.

Although rich in history, BOSJES is a relatively new concept to the region and rebuilt with the aim of attracting a more upmarket visitor. The magnificent chapel at BOSJES is an architectural masterpiece like no other and creates a beautiful backdrop to the valley.

From the angel-winged white roof of the glass-walled BOSJES chapel to the inspired country-style cuisine in the BOSJES Kombuis, this family-owned estate has become synonymous with heritage, style and a joyous celebration of the good things in life.


The garden was established to be a connection between the chapel and everything has a biblical perspective. A space was needed to contemplate life and the tranquility of the garden creates a calmness where people can come visit from busy city life.

The garden was built about 3 years ago and was designed by a landscape architect from Cape Town, Herman de Lange. The aim was to use all plants that is mentioned in the bible or indigenous to the area. Here you can find anything from fig trees and pomegranate trees to carob, vines and olive trees – only but to name a few. All of them are marked with plaques and scriptures from the bible.

There is a water feature that was inspired by the Red Sea and when you walk through it, it represents a spiritual change. The architect wanted to represent Mount Sinai and created a man-made mountain where you can walk all the way to the top where you will find a Coral tree and

spectacular views of the valley, and one can appreciate the peace and quiet of the immediate environment.


The philosophy of the building is that if should reflect the spiritual experiences. Inspired by a Psalm, the sweeping curves of the white flowing roof reflect in the pond below to create the impression of a delicate bird, floating on water.


Nestled in the gardens and takes the form of an amphitheatre. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and baked treats from the kitchen. Weather permitted.


The restaurant is contemporary, light-filled with a beautiful design of high ceiling, lots of wood and large glass windows offering you the best lunchtime views in the valley. The menu is simplistic with a combination of bistro-style dishes and full of generosity on every plate. BOSJES Kombuis opens for lunch only, from Wednesdays through to Sundays.

BOSJES has much to offer. The farm will be open to both day visitors as well as overnight guests as it is the perfect venue for weddings and other celebratory occasions.

Tel: +23 004 0496



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