Steenberg Pairs 10 Top Movies On Netflix With Wine

Streaming has become the go-to pastime during the lockdown to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. To help you browse your way through the never ending lists on your search of ‘what to watch’, Steenberg Vineyards have come up with 10 Netflix movie and wine pairing suggestions to enhance your couch watching experience:

1. The Mask and Steenberg Ruby Rosé

Steenberg’s light and flirty Ruby Rosé is the ideal wine to enjoy with this 90s classic starring Jim Carey as the wacky green mask-faced charmer by night and timid bank clerk by day. Upfront in flavour and personality, this light hearted rosé is the perfect match for a happy movie full of laughs.

2. Escape Room and Steenberg Stately Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz

Steenberg Stately is an alluring dark, medium bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz to keep you on the edge of your seat while watching this psychological thriller. Six strangers find themselves unwillingly trapped in a series of escape rooms and they soon realise they’re competing for more than just the 10 thousand dollar cash prize. With its dark blackcurrant and black pepper nuances, this wine will hold you in suspense for the next sip.

3.The Cat in the Hat and Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

Green eggs and ham may not be your thing, but you will certainly enjoy a glass of Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc with this colourful adaptation of the Dr Seuss classic. Fun, fruity and fresh, this sparkling wine is the personification of the iconic Cat in the Hat and is sure to lighten your mood.

4. Sniper: Ghost Shooter and Steenberg Nebbiolo

Earthy and mysterious, Steenberg’s rugged yet elegant Nebbiolo, will stand up well to this action packed sequel. Elite snipers tasked with protecting a gas pipeline from terrorists become the targets of a ghost shooter who seems all too familiar with their locations. The Nebbiolo’s grippy tannins and leather and mushroom undertones meld well with this thriller.  

5. Spenser Confidential and Steenberg Merlot

Steenberg’s popular, smooth-as-velvet Merlot is just what you need to unravel this twisted murder conspiracy when a former police detective takes on Boston’s underworld and the corrupt police force. Packed with gun blazing scenes, witty comedy and a protagonist with as much backbone as the wine, Steenberg Merlot is the perfect pairing. Engaging with rich juicy red fruit and hints of fynbos and eucalyptus, this wine is the ideal partner for this action movie with the odd humorous note.

6. Walking with Dinosaurs and Steenberg Syrah

Enjoy a glass of Steenberg Syrah while settling in with the kids for this family fun, animated dinosaur movie. While out on a fossil expedition with his paleontologist uncle, little Ricky encounters a talking raven who begins to tell him a tale of dinosaurs from millions of years ago. The fruitiness and earthy character of this Syrah will set the tone for appreciating these gracious and magnificent creatures.

7. The Decline and Steenberg Catharina

Steenberg’s flagship red blend, Catharina, named after the farm’s feisty 17th century founder, Catharina Ras, is a perfect fit for this chilling movie of action and suspense. Convinced the world is faced with an imminent natural disaster, father of one, Antoine, joins a remote survivalist training camp. A fatal accident sets the scene for a chilling showdown. The wine’s complexity encapsulating Catharina’s daring and bold character, meld well with the twists and turns of this film.

8. Holmes & Watson and Steenberg Rattlesnake Sauvignon Blanc

The contrasting personalities of the lead characters correspond well with the palate diversity of freshness and texture of Steenberg Rattlesnake Sauvignon Blanc. London’s most famous duo, Detective Holmes and Doctor Watson are pressed for time to save the Queen by solving a mysterious murder or she too may face the same fate. Starring the dynamic comedy duo, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, this movie needs to be paired with a wine that has personality and body.

9. Uncorked and Steenberg The Black Swan Sauvignon Blanc

A movie about wine needs to be enjoyed with the inimitable Steenberg The Black Swan Sauvignon Blanc. Uncorked is a heartwarming drama about a young man as he pursues his dream of becoming a master sommelier rather than joining the family business. Tailormade for wine geeks, this movie deserves nothing less than Steenberg’s top tier Sauvignon Blanc.

10. 6 Underground and Steenberg Magna Carta

This relentless action packed Netflix original calls for bringing out the big guns in the form of Steenberg Magna Carta. On a quest to change the future, six highly skilled individuals from around the globe abandon their everyday lives for the sake of the greater good. With its stellar cast, the movie earns its place alongside Magna Carta’s consummate blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. This elegantly structured wine, tempered by zesty acidity, matches the diversity of locations where the movie was shot.

Make the best of your lockdown and spend less time browsing and more time watching, while adding a new spin on your movie nights as you draw some quirky comparisons to Steenberg’s much-loved range of wines.

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