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You might think Benguela Cove Wine Estate is all about wine and food. It offers beauty with scenic landscapes and panoramic backdrops of the Bot River Lagoon, the ocean and surrounding mountains.

Adding to this scenic backdrop is Anton Smit’s Sculpture Park & Art Gallery with sculptures and art work at every corner. It is truly magnificent, with some pieces towering up to 3 metres high, and adding to a unique guest experience.

“These artforms embrace the rich heritage, natural produce, and talent in South Africa. The terroir is celebrated through exceptional wine, local produce is honoured with delicious food, and now the art of a master South African sculptor will also grace our premises.”

Come take a walk around the estate grounds and art gallery, and explore all the pieces on display.

Anton Smit has created a tapestry of natural and modern platforms in which his art comes alive at Benguela Cove.

To enquire about a sculpture: 087 357 0637 |

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