L-gin in Elgin

“Inspired by Elgin…. Made in Elgin”

Elgin is famous for its delicious cool climate wines. The abundance of orchards, forests, vineyards and mountain views create the perfect countryside setting where you can switch off and indulge in the finer things in life. I am not referring to the amazing wines that is made in Elgin, but something more refreshing such as gin. Yes, gin!

With Elgin offering so many things in abundance with the focus on quality, it comes to no surprise that this cool climate area adds gin for something more refreshing.

L-Gin is a range of craft gins, inspired by Elgin and made in Elgin. L-Gin is Elgin Railway Market’s craft gin bar featuring a variation of different local gin brands from dry to floral or spicy. It is using locally grown fruit and locally grown juniper berries. The water used in the production process is collected from a natural spring in the beautiful Elgin valley.

Each of the 3 flavours has locally grown juniper as the main ingredient but also has its own botanicals that work together to form the profile for each flavour.


This is a crisp, refreshing juniper-forward gin using locally grown juniper and Granny Smith apples, with lemon peel, coriander, angelica root and fresh ginger. Best served with a slice of granny smith apple & sprig of fresh mint.


This gin was created when locally grown juniper meets locally grown blueberries, with juniper taking the flavour lead. Indigenous salvia, coriander, lemon peel, angelica root and African striped pepper adds to the flavour. Best served with fresh blueberries and a sprig of fresh mint.


This gin is an Elgin twist on an African dry with locally grown juniper & lemon peel, coriander and angelica root. After distillation Plush is matured with oak to create this smooth balanced flavour. Elgin has many oak trees lining its farm roads, and this inspired us to create Plush. Best served with orange zest and rosemary.

Make your way to L-Gin craft gin section at the Elgin Railway Market and order a refreshing Gin & Tonic, with accompanying garnish like apple, orange or mint for that extra flavour – then sit back and relax and enjoy what Elgin has to offer.

L-Gin craft gin is also available for retail at the following outlets if you can’t get to the Elgin Railway Market:
•Liquor City Claremont
•Liquor City Somerset West Mall
•Tops Wine Stellenbosch at Paul Roos
•Hermanus Wine Village

Order online by visiting their webpage:

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  1. Taniya West

    Had your Blueberry Gin at the Elgin Market on Saturday. Looked exquisite and the taste – fantastic. Your presentation was so beautiful.

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