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We were very fortunate to be part of a 2-day trip exploring Hex River Valley with Hex Valley Tourism and what it has to offer. A valley so beautiful and filled with vineyards and fruit farms and majestic mountains to create a panoramic backdrop. A place that forms part of our beautiful South Africa and draws you in with all its hidden gems the Hex River Valley is known for. A place with so many beautiful stories, you almost feel like you don’t want to leave!

Situated between the Worcester and the Hex River Valley is where you would find Six Dogs Gin Distillery on the Boschkloof Farm. A shed with a custom designed copper still is where all the magic happens when making these well-known handcrafted Gins we always see on the shelves. I was very excited to visit Six Dogs Gin Distillery and learnt what happens behind the scenes. The dogs are super friendly and ready to greet every one visiting and of course loves the attention they get!

The distillery was built with a view of the mountains and the Karoo, with the purest water running down that gets used to make the Gins. The farm is where they source most of their botanicals. It is situated on an intersection where on the one side of the mountain they get Karoo botanicals and on the other side some Fynbos. A win-win combination to create a special kind of Gin.

Charles Bryant, who is the Master Distiller and have been making gin for about 5 years, gave us a run-through of the distillation process. Water and alcohol gets mixed with a bag of botanicals. When heat gets added, vapour forms and is then infused with botanicals in the still with more delicate botanicals in the gin basket. The end result is smooth, refreshing and luxurious. Creating one batch at a time.

Creates 10L an hour, every single day


1. Six Dogs Karoo Gin

The Six Dogs Karoo Gin is made with twelve botanicals distilled and infused at their distillery. Notes of Juniper and Wild Lavendar followed by delicate citrus flavours and hints of floral sweetness from the Acasia Thorn will take your senses to the heart of a starry Karoo night.

2. Six Dogs Blue Gin

Six Dogs Blue derives its name from the blue pea flower. When Charles and his wife went to Indonesia on holiday, they discovered people drinking blue tea and the idea developed to use this to make the gin. As chance would have it, ‘Blue’ is also the name of the smallest dog in their pack of six. The infusion of blue pea gives the Gin its striking yet completely natural colour. When this Gin is mixed with tonic, the colour is changed to light pink.

3. Six Dogs Pinotage Stained Gin

The pinotage grapes are sourced from a neighbour. The grapes are handpicked, de-stalked and placed into tanks to macerate. Here the Gin gets its colour and taste profile from the deep red essence of this truly South African cultivar.

4. Six Dogs Honey Lime Gin

Is one of their latest creations and discovered that a combination of farm honey and home-grown limes, when blended with the finest botanical spirit, creates a match made in heaven. You get this subtle sweetness that cuts through the zestiness of the limes.

Everything here is done by hand from the blending tanks and bottling to the labelling and packaging.

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri, 9-1pm
By appointment

For Distillery visits please contact:


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