The Melting Pot | For Small Sharing Plates That Are Big On Flavour

Big things, they say, come in small packages which is certainly the case when it comes to The Melting Pot. Located at The Pool Room set against the Groenlandberg Mountain with tranquil setting overlooking a lush garden and a gorgeous pool.

The Melting Pot offers the very best with dishes packed with bags full of flavour, serving contemporary small plates made for sharing. Nothing like sitting down and the menu takes you on a culinary trip around the world. A sensation to the palate and the combinations of flavours are out of this world!

The menu changes on a regular basis with limited options. If you are a foodie and a bit indecisive like me wanting to try everything, why not opt for the “One of everything” – the perfect way to taste the different dishes without the fear of fomo!

As mentioned, the menu changes often so here are dishes I tasted from their first menu when they opened their restaurant at The Pool Room in December 2020.

Peruvian Ceviche

One bite and you are hooked. This is refreshingly light, bright, spicy and delightfully zesty. A combination of different flavours and textures that makes your tastebuds sing with joy. Served with butternut puree and sweet potato crisps.

Bún Th?t N??ng

This dish takes you to Vietnam and this is love in a bowl. Vietnamese charred pork served with a Vermicelli Noodle salad. This colourful dish is served with aromatic herbs and mint, carrots and onions, and caramelised peanut crunch.

It is a symphony of flavours and deliciously balanced and the Nuac Cham sauce is out of this world.

Hot & Sour Soup

There’s something comforting and delicious about a bowl of soup that is spicy, zesty, and filled with a variety of ingredients such as exotic mushrooms and tomatoes.

The soup base is spicy, savoury and sour all at once, making it very flavourful bowl of soup that creates a palate full of happiness.

Fried Chicken

Golden chicken pieces coated with a flawless crispy and crunchy exterior. Served with a miso soy emulsion that is absolutely delicious.

Be warned, this is so yummy you would want to order more of them!

West Coast Mussel Pot

Who doesn’t love plumpy, juicy mussels? Served on top of a sourdough bread to soak up all the deliciousness of the white sauce and herbs.

Accompanied by a Fennel Salad for freshness to cut through the taste explosion of this rich, flavoursome dish.

Harissa Aubergine Flatbread

All the colours and textures are nothing short of glorious. Aubergine topped onto a flatbread with a generous amount of hummus and a fresh parsley salad makes this a mouth-watering dish to share.

Lamb Barbacoa Taco

Flavourful, juicy, tender, falling off the bone lamb resulting in a melt-in-your-mouth taco filling that can be folded into a soft corn tortilla.

Served with a charred tomato salsa that is delightful.



It’s a simple, yet indulgent dessert of espresso and vanilla bean ice cream. An Italian classic dessert that is totally yummy and delicious! 


These little bites of heaven are hot and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Tossed in cinnamon sugar and served with a dipping chocolate sauce.

Every item on the menu was a home run and each dish was perfectly prepared with its on flair and flavour. Check out their new menu on their website or facebook and soak up the last bit of summer and enjoy a delicious meal outside by the pool.

Wednesday – Sunday | 12h00 – 16h00
Tel: +27 (021) 859 4111 |

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