Fontignac Crystalline Glassware | Create your #FLMKitchenStories

Proper wine glasses control the tasting experience and ultimately makes any wine taste better. I am on cloud WINE with this beautiful range of Fontignac crystalline glassware!

Food Lover’s Market is happy to welcome the Fontignac Glassware Collection! This range of high-quality crystalline Fontignac glassware is available at their stores, nationwide.

Fontignac is a French culinary brand that offers timeless glassware items and ensures the ultimate taste and unique drinking experience. Create your own memorable stories with Food Lover’s Market and your favourite Fontignac Glassware. I certainly cannot wait to create my own #FLMKitchenStories.

The Fontignac glassware range, which is produced in Europe, has some unique features.

  • It is made from high-quality crystalline glass with extreme brilliance and clarity.
  • It has a timeless design for a unique drinking experience.
  • Fontignac glassware is also dishwasher-friendly.

How do you get your hands on one of the Fontignac glassware range?


Start collecting your stickers today for your fave Fotignac glassware!

  1. SHOP | Spend 100,00 at a participating Food Lover’s Market (South Africa & Food Lover’s Market Namibia) store, Diamond’s Discount Liquor, and Market Liquors store to receive one free sticker from the cashier (includes Food Lover’s Eatery, and Market Cafés.
  2. STICK | Place your sticker on your collector card & collect 15 stickers to receive a 75% discount on your choice of Fontignac Glassware.
  3. SAVE | Get a 75% discount to purchase a set Fontignac Glassware of your choice. (There are two glasses per set)

You can collect stickers, redeem full collector cards, and purchase glasses from 27 September 2021 until 20 February 2022. You have an ADDITIONAL 2 weeks to REDEEM a FULL collector card only, from 21 February 2022 until 6 March 2022 – in this period you cannot collect any more stickers.

How Can I Collect ADDITIONAL Stickers?

Customers will receive an additional sticker when you purchase participating products. Keep an eye out for participating products in-store, or scroll down to find out which participating product deals you can get an ADDITIONAL sticker with.

For our Absa customers; when you pay with your Absa debit or credit card for R200 and more, you will receive an additional sticker.

For more information, click through:

Happy creating your own special #FLMKitchenStories!

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Sharese Hunt

Love all things wine-related.


  1. lucia sporri

    Hi Sharese,

    Wonder if you can help. We have 2 champagne glasses from Fontignan.
    Have tried everywhere, but cannot find them.
    Any idea where to get some more?
    Thanks so much

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