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What could be more enjoyable than sitting on the stoep, sipping on amazing wines with a picturesque view of the Breedekloof valley creating a beautiful backdrop. What more could one ask for?

At the foot of the Slanghoek Mountains is where you would find Jason’s Hill Private Cellar. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, one can easily lose track of time just sitting outside and soak in what this breathtaking valley has to offer.

Jason‘s Hill Private Cellar got its name from an old shepherd named Jason, who used to herd his sheep on the farm.

The family have been farming with grapes for six generations, but it is only with the latest generation that the farm got its own winery.Jason‘s Hill has been producing award winning wines ever since its establishment in 2002.

Tastings are R50 and R100 per person and you can taste all their award winning wines.


Sauvignon Blanc 2021

A refreshing wine with tropical fruit flavours which are highlighted by flinty aromas and good acidity. This is an outstanding food wine with a fresh and crisp feel.

Chenin Blanc 2021

This is a delightful summer wine. Hints of peach, melon and apple notes with a fruity palate creating a crisp wine that is just joyful. Good balance with fresh lingering aftertaste. This is sunshine in a glass.

Beatrix Reserve Chenin Blanc 2019

An elegant wine that ticks all the right boxes. It is a wine with a precise freshness and good structure. A wine of profound complexity with hints of honey and white peach, fresh stone fruit and citrus.

The wood is subtle and presents the Hungarian oak protecting the fruit of the wine. Ripe, pure concentrated fruit – citrus and lemon. This wine is showing bright natural acidity. Fermented and matured in Amphoras and Hungarian oak barrels.

This wine takes you on a journey of Heritage. Just as Chenin Blanc has a long standing heritage in the Breedekloof Valley, so does Beatrix and her family. Being a pioneering woman who inherited land from her father in 1840, she started planting vineyards on her farm.


Cinsault Unwooded 2021

This is a new favourite for me. It’s a light, juicy, floral, fruity wine and is perfect for everyday enjoyment, especially when you serve it slightly chilled. Expect an array of ripe red berries and violet on the nose that follows through onto a juicy, well-structured palate with a smooth finish.

Jason’s Creek Classic Red (Shiraz blend) 2018

An uncomplicated wine with a beautiful ruby red colour in the glass. Delicate yet complex tannin structure. Ripe berries & hints of spice round off this blend nicely. Spent 10 months in small oak barrels. Really good value for money as this is a smooth yet delightful wine that can be enjoyed anytime.

The label on the wine as vibrant as the wine itself. It captures the story and history of Jason’s Hill. The top half of the label represents the heritage of the farm, and the bottom half represents the farm as it is known today.

The heritage and name of the wine dates back to an old shepherd, named Jason, who cared for his flock of sheep in the mountains behind the farm, which is situated in the heart of the Slanghoek Wine Valley. This is how Jason’s Hill got its name.

The label depicts the shepherd and his sheep in the mountains surrounded by flowers. The vineyards on the label represent the farmers who had started planting vines during that time. The bottom half represents the vineyards of today.

These vineyards are more prominent on the label, symbolising a thriving and successful estate. The barrels and bottles are also representative of the current ownership. A quirky yet fun element on the label is the resident farm cat, who has become a welcome sight to visitors throughout the years, and who is fondly referred to as Jason.

Petit Verdot 2017

Although Petit Verdot is mostly known for its role as a blending grape in blends, mainly because it is a late-ripening grape with its deep colour and tannins. It always excites me when it is bottled as a single varietal. It captures the essence of this grape so that one can truly appreciate this cultivar on its own to understand why this fruit forward grape with its jammy flavours, combined with great alcohol and acidic structure adds to a beautiful blend.

This intense, deep purple wine is concentrated and opens up on the nose with dark berry fruits and some sweet spice. The palate is rich and juicy with prominent fruit sweetness. The grippy structure is well integrated and delivers an intense, lasting finish. This wine was matured in small French Oak Barrels for 14 months.

Merlot 2018

A deep purple colour fills your glass with dark fruits and blackcurrent flavours that greets your palate with a gentle mouthfeel. It is full bodied and well rounded with a lingering finish. This wine was matured in French Oak Barrels for 14 months and can age for 8-10 years.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

This is an elegant yet full bodied wine. A typical Cab Sav with integrated tannins and well rounded structure. Notes of blackberries, blackcurrant and vanilla that follows through on the palate. Matured for 14 months in oak and can last for 8-10 years. Definitely a wine that doesn’t need any occasions, it can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Shiraz 2016

This one means serious business. Dark plum red in colour with big bold flavours. This wine is well-balanced and complex with delicious berry flavours. It is bursting with dark fruit flavours such as blackcurrent and blackberries that will keep the taste buds entertained with every sip. This amazing wine is smokey and smooth with a velvety texture and a lingering finish. This wine was matured in French & American Oak Barrels for 14 months and has great ageing potential.

Izak Reserve 2016

A Bordeaux blend of Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. It is an intense yet aromatic red blend. Rich in ripe berry flavours that just develops in character with every sip. Expect to find dark berry flavours such as blackcurrent, some spice and vanilla. The finish is smooth and refined, with a lingering taste on the palate. Spent 18 months in oak and has great ageing potential.

This wine honours the winemaker’s father, Izak, who is the 5th generation. An elegant wine with finesse, depth and character.

Is it just me…or is there something about a delicious cheese platter? Especially when you combine it with amazing wines and breathtaking views. Jason’s Hill Private Cellar has the perfect setting with its relaxed atmosphere. It’s a wonderful place to wind down and enjoy nature’s gift.

Order a cheese platter with a variety of cheeses, pesto’s, meat and seasonal fruits and combine it with a bottle of wine….or two!

Some History

It is in this ideal setting that Ivy Du Toit and her family are keeping alive the tradition of vine growing and wine making that was started by their ancestors in 1844.

Ivy’s interest in winemaking became clear at a young age when she started spending her time curiously investigating the activities at a nearby cellar. It was, however, only after harvest seasons in America, France, and Italy that she decided to try her own hand at winemaking.

It was not long before Ivy reapt the success of her hard work and she was named Diner’s Club Young Winemaker of the Year 2003 and Landbou Weekblad Woman Winemaker of the Year 2004.

Today Ivy is living her dream of producing multi-award winning wines and sharing it with visitors from across the globe, making every visit to Jason’s Hill a memorable experience.

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