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One of wine’s greatest pleasures is its ability to enhance the dining experience and to transform a meal from simple nourishment to sensual pleasure. There is nothing better or more bonding than enjoying a meal around a big table, surrounded by friends and family – and if you pair your meal with the right wine, that’s when you hit the sweet spot.

There is something so fun about trying new flavours in food and pair it with wine and see how it alters and enhances the wine’s flavours and taste on your palate. Achieving perfect pairings between wine and food is truly an art form.

What is better than sipping top South African wines in a beautiful setting? The experience at Creation Wines is one of a kind! The Story of Creation is the crème de la crème of food and wine pairings. The Experience Creation Summer dining affair will take you through a medley of taste sensations.

Wine & Food Pairing Menu

“Imagine a 7-course feast, brimming with the scents of summer and all the joys of fresh, locally sourced produce. Cuisine as rich in taste and texture as it is wholesome. Created with your wellbeing in mind, our Experience Creation Menu is a celebration of all things good – and that includes our elegant, cool-climate wines!”

– Creation Wines

Minerality rules with Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2021 perfectly paired to wake up and enhance the taste buds with Oregano Sea Salt Popcorn. A great wine can bring you happiness and joy, but pairing a great wine with great food can truly transport you to a new dimension and elevate your senses to levels previously unknown.

Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Light lemon yellow in colour with a tinge of green. Enticing aromas of tropical fruit combined with minerality. This follows through on the palate with a crisp acidity and leaves you with a lingering, memorable aftertaste. It is definitely one of my favourite Sauvignon Blancs from the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. This Sauvignon Blanc is smooth and well-balanced. Delightful and refreshing.

Chapter 1: Passion

There is nothing more gratifying than a warm and delicious Gluten-Free Seed Roll with tomato, onion, basil and kelp that you pull apart and dip in the green chimichurri and eat with your hand. Beautifully presented on a vine leaf and served with a delicate coiled tips of fern to create a tender texture and a mild nutty flavour. Served with Ocean’s Gift Creation Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon 2020.

Creation Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon 2020
An invigorating salty bouquet is reminiscent of the fresh sea breeze caressing the vineyards. A distinctive, terroir-expressive Bordeaux-style white. Complemented by the fresh tropical fruit flavours from the Sauvignon Blanc and the lovely lanolin-like character from the Semillon.

Chapter 2: Innovation

Creation’s Innovation Pairing. Delicate and melt-in-your-mouth ribbons of Langekloof trout, topped with sprinkles of Togorashi spice and sesame seeds served with an aromatic chives and coconut sauce for a sensation to the palate and is perfectly paired with a Chic Chardonnay.

Creation Chardonnay 2021
The beautifully fresh Creation Chardonnay is slightly more fruit-driven than the other with generous quince, pear and peach aromas and flavours, enhanced by fresh minerality and hints of vanilla.

Creation has some amazing Chardonnays. Also try their single vineyard, Creation Reserve Chardonnay with its complex aromas of fragrant lime blossom and fresh grapefruit, honeycomb and cinnamon. The palate is also complex with intergrated flavours of butter, almonds, ripe stone fruit and savoury spice.

Their single-site specific and barrel selection Art Of Chardonnay is next level. This wine has a more complex, creamy, deep notes. Complex yet elegant on the exquisitely balanced palate where rich vanilla pod and peach are contrasted by vibrant pear and bracing minerality.

Chapter 3: Déjà Vu

Mushrooms galore! If you love mushrooms, you will certainly love this dish. Enough to fulfill your appetite with these rustic delicacies. Exotic Mushrooms in different textures and to excite the palate even more, a Truffle Dressing is added to elevate this dish. It is complemeted by Creation’s Sunshine at the Atlantic, Cool-Climate Chenin. This delicious pairing creates a feeling of familiarity – Déjà Vu!

Creation Cool-Climate Chenin Blanc 2020
Crisp and refreshing with tropical and green notes. The palate greets you with delicious flavours of green apple, citrus, some stone fruit and ginger. It is the perfect companion for that rich and earthy umami flavours of the mushrooms. It is sure to captivate you.

Chapter 4: Resonance

This is summertime sunshine in a cup. The combination of tomato and watermelon is very intriguing. Who knew tomato and watermelon would make such a great combo? This Watermelon, Tomato Gazpacho is fun, vibrant and full of flavour. It has the perfect balance of savoury and sweet with feel-good ingredients that will leave your taste buds light and refreshing. A
frozen ball of gazpacho sorbet is added together with pickled cucumber and croutons for added texture. It is paired with Creation Rosé 2021.

Creation Rosé 2021
Enchanting aromas of berries and rosebuds with a well-balanced palate. The berry fruit follows through, beautifully offset by hints of stone-fruit. Vivaciously crisp with a cool-climate freshness, yet soft and round with a lingering aftertaste.

Chapter 5: Charisma

The palate boasts ample richness and charisma with a Springbok Loin wrapped with pancetta. Enjoyed with berries and a rich and creamy Goat’s-milk cheese and leek flan. A wonderful dish that excites your palate, with bursts of flavour in each and every bite. The fruity flavours of Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2021 is like red velvet and pairs brilliantly with the blackberries in this dish.

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2022
Deep ruby in colour, gleaming and inviting in the glass. The intensely fragrant bouquet shows a melange of red berry aromas, elegant vanilla and a whiff of wood spice. These follow through on the full-bodied palate where soft, supple tannins contribute to the dense structure. A superbly balanced wine with a lingering, memorable aftertaste.

Chapter 6: Alchemy

Nothing satisfy the sweet tooth like a delectable dessert. A delicious and vibrant Apricot Tart, topped with sliced apricots, a smooth Coconut gelato and a shard of Meringue for added texture and sophistication to the dessert. Vivaldi in a glass is how Creation’s Viognier is described and pairs so beautifully with this dessert – it’s a joyous symphony in your mouth.

Creation Viognier 2021
This wine is delightful on the nose showing expressive fruity and floral notes. Fragrant peach and apricot aromas mingle with a subtle sprinkling of nutmeg which on the lively palate combines seamlessly with crisp minerality. It’s a vivacious wine, abundantly fruity and forthcoming yet elegant and refined.

Chapter 7: Tribute

Decadent and indulgent Cape Vintage Praline pairs beautifully with the sweet temptations of Creation Fine Cape Vintage Port.

Creation Fine Cape Vintage Port 2018
Beautiful bouquet of peach and dried apricots together with honeyed fruit, a hint of black cherry, and the lingering reward of anise. Made from Syrah grapes and spent almost 18 months in the barrel, it is dense and deep in colour with flashes of royal purple and a spark of red. It is a well-balanced dessert wine with the sweetness beautifully lifted by crisp fruitiness.

According to Carolyn: “Our guests appreciate curated experiences and often comment on how wonderful it is to come across wines and food that are artfully, thoughtfully and lovingly made by hand”.

If you’re looking for a refined and luxurious pairing experience, it can’t get much better than this!

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