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No visit to the Breedekloof Wine Valley is complete without a visit to Bergsig Wine Estate. Set against scenic surroundings of vineyards and mountains, it is worth the drive and so much to offer.

Bergsig Wine Estate offers a variety of wine tasting options and unique food & wine pairing combinations! There is something so fun about trying new flavours in food and paired with wine and seeing how it alters or enhances the wine’s flavours and taste on your tongue.

Wine Pairings

Spring Roll and Wine Pairing

Their Spring Roll and Wine Pairing is one of the unique and delectable filling, carefully paired with only the best Bergsig Estate wines.

Camembert & Fig with Sauvignon Blanc
Chicken & Vegetable with Chardonnay (wooded)
Bobotie and Pinotage

Meatball and Wine Pairing

Try out their specially selected gourmet meatballs that has been spruced up with delicious flavours and paired with their premium handcrafted Bergsig Estate wines!

Pork & Apple with Patmos Chenin Blanc
Chicken & Peppadew with Icarus White
Beef & Mozzarella with Oom Prop Cabernet Sauvignon
Venison & Brie with Icarus Red

Entice Your Senses Pairing

Entice your senses with this superb food and wine pairing. The main objective of this special wine pairing is to enhance the overall palate perception. It comes with different food options, each one wisely selected with the emphasis on aroma, taste, acidity, sweetness, bitterness, tannins, and that special lingering after taste after each bite or sip, presenting how these characteristics contrast and complement each other.

Feta Cheese & Rosé Wine (dry)
Turkish Delight & Gewürztraminer
Green Fig Preserve & Weisser Riesling
Chocolate Soup & Cape LBV

Mini Quiche and Wine Pairing

Delectable handmade mini quiche “kisses” paired with only the best quality Bergsig wines. We opted for this pairing as this is the newest addition to their food pairings

Spinach & Cream Cheese with Chenin BlancBacon & Caramelised Onion with The Family Friend
Sundried Tomato & Aged Cheddar with Cabernet Sauvignon
Blue Cheese & Fig with Gewürztraminer NLH

Wine Tasting

Bergsig Wine Estate Chenin Blanc 2021

A wonderful Chenin that is crisp and lively, medium-bodied, and in great balance with ripe melon and fig flavours followed by a light minerality on the finish.

Bergsig Wine Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

An elegant wine with deep ruby colour, plums and red berry fruit with smoothly integrated tannin.

Bergsig Gewürztraminer 2017

A refreshing white wine with mineral and citrus peel undertones. The palate echoes mineral aromas along with fresh citrus nuances. A crisp dry, refreshing, and versatile wine.

Bergsig The Family Friend 2017

A unique combination of Shiraz, Pinotage, Ruby Cabernet, and Merlot with flavours of ripe berry and plum with layers of creamy vanilla, nuts, and dark chocolate on the palate.

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