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Each wine cellar has a charm of its own with their own unique ‘je ne sais quoi’ offering warm hospitality and personal experiences with a selection of wines suitable for any occasion and palate.

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

The recent launch at Stettyn of The Deed and SWAC was a memorable event, celebrating their passion and success on how far they have come and paying forward by showcasing their gratitude by giving back to communities from a foundation that was laid down years ago. What is The Deed and SWAC you probably wondering? Read further on…

The Story and History Of The Deed

The first Title Deed for Stettyn Cellar was granted to Jan Cloete and Jan Jurgen Radyn and whom had ancestral links with Stettin in former Prussia. Hence the origin of the name. It was signed by Governor Mauritz Pasques de Chavonnes at the Castle of Good Hope on 26 September 1714.

The original Title Deed Document is displayed on the wall which has survived for over 300 years and has been passed down through the generations. Over time the document became very fragile and was stuck together with glue to prevent the document from falling apart. The glue eventually severely damaged the paper and was disolving the paper to the point that parts of the document almost became transparent.

A concerned was raised over the state of the document. An assessment on the state of the Title Deed concluded that only 25% of the original document was still left intact, but restoration was still possible. The original Title Deed was eventually restored and sealed into an air and moisture tight glass case to protect it from further decay.

Dark blemishes caused by the glue is still visible across the centre of the document. Governor Mauritz Pasques de Chavonnes of the Dutch East India Company signed the document on 26 September 1714 which is visible just under the dark red wax seal at the bottom left of the document.

Giving Back To The Community

Stettyn’s new Cap Classique is called The Deed and it has a very humble meaning. It’s a project that started about 2 years ago and with Stettyn giving back to community and a journey they have with Stettyn Primary School to invest in their education. A perfect fit to give back to a community close to home.

Eight generations have since worked together to create wines that will leave a legacy of passion, commitment and care for the area and its people.  With every bottle you buy, you help Stettyn foster a love for reading in the community’s children by donating towards a library/electronic media at Stettyn Primary School.

The vision was always to improve the Stettyn Valley and the main focus point was to improve education and build a sustainable farming community. Through hard work and years of planning the Stettyn school was built and opened in 1962. A year later, Stettyn Wine Cellar also opened their doors. The groundwork back then was the foundation of what Stettyn has today. The passion was inherited of giving back to the community. Not only do they celebrate the launch of the Cap Classique but they celebrate 100 scholars at Stettyn Primary School.

The Deed Cap Classique

The Deed Cap Classique consists of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir. Fine creamy mousse and mouthfeel with crisp acidity. Hints of ripe apple and turkish delight on the palate. It’s dry with a sweet perception with extra fine bubbles for an elegant finish and carries a long aftertaste.. The 900 bottles produced is handcrafted and only available for SWAC members.

Introducing SWAC

SWAC stands for Stettyn Wine Appreciation Club and the focus is to give back to those that appreciates Stettyn wines and that is also Stettyn’s motto. The purpose is to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate existing customers.

Benefits of the SWAC

  • Exclusive promotions (-15% discount on all cases).
  • New vintage custom boxes for winter and summer.
  • Communication regularly regarding updates, launches and invitations.
  • Complimentary personalised welcome gift (Sonoma Wine bag worth R500).
  • Shackleton and The Deed are exclusive for SWAC members only (tasting and purchase).
  • Register online and spend R900 or more on a single order, after completing the registration form.

Bubbles For Awareness

Innovation for the blind is a non-profit organisation situated in Worcester and has been catering to the all-inclusive, specialised needs of visually impaired adults since 1881. Their mission is to empower adults with visual impairments through training, development and care to experience quality of life and independence.

Stettyn has a very close relationship with Innovation for the Blind and for every bottle of Babelki purchased, a portion of the proceeds gets donated to Innovation for the Blind.

Babelki, the Polish word for bubble, is a delicious Chardonnay-Pinot Noir sparkling wine. Hints of apples, floral notes and almonds on the nose. This bottle also promotes awareness of blindness through braille on the label. Braille in all essence is like a small bubble and the Babelki is the perfect fit for this amazing project.

“Let’s toast to living life passionately, unpretentiously and in harmony”

– Stettyn Cellar

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