Backsberg Family Wines Re-Launch

What an amazing re-launch of Backsberg Family Wines! The new cellar, packaging upgrade and brand home is nothing but spectacular.

Adjacent to Franschhoek Cellars against a beautiful backdrop of the Franschhoek Mountains is now home to Backsberg Family Wines. A new brand home but still imbued with the spirit of generations before them that stood the test of time.

The entire new winery has been upcycled from the old winery building. Everything in the cellar goes back to late Sydney Back’s generation. There are 2 vats that were imported by Sydney’s father and is almost 100 years old. It has been moved to the new cellar together with 50 year old wooden vats and a press that is about 40 years old.

After the tour to the revolutionary cellar, we stepped into Backberg’s gorgeous new tasting room. The light fixtures are upcycled from barrel hoops, the back of the bar is made from old barrel wedges and furniture crafted from pallets they crafted themselves. Plenty of cosy couches to sit and taste the wines in their exciting new packaging, representing the true authenticity of the brand.

We enjoyed delicious tapas-style canapés, music that set the ambiance and of course the stunning view overlooking the dam against the majestic Mont Rochelle Mountains. The water of the dam has been purified and since the dam is back to its original state they have seen 6 species of birds. The lawn now also creates a beautiful picnic spot. Nothing is as beautiful as when the sun sets and the mountain change colours.

The crest on the labels celebrates the ethos and history of the winery and depicts a lot of the work over the last 100 years. The new logo focuses on the brand values. Two maidens carrying grapes represents the original picking team as well as their female winemaker, Alicia Rechner, who has been with the winery for 20 years. The two maidens are standing on two slopes and speaks to the source of the grapes.

The evening star, sun and moon honour the lifecycle of the vineyard as well as the family’s longstanding commitment to making wines. A shield at the centre of the emblem featuring a single bush vine and represents growth and sustainability. The ability to delivery quality and consistent wines for over 100 years and below the emblem, 1916 represents the year of the original brand home.

Backsberg’s philosophy is all about quality of wines. It’s about the people and culture around the brand and shares the value systems about honesty and fairness and to build the legacy of 4 generations on the family and business. The Back family has a longstandjng reputation and is fully committed to produce sustainable wines and is proudly the first farm in South Africa to be a certified carbon neutral winery.

As Backsberg has been in the hands of the Back family for over a century, a new chapter is written in the history of Backsberg. DGB will ensure the legacy of Backsberg continues growing from strength to strength. Their goal is to build on the success of Backsberg together with the Back family who, share their excitement and optimism for the road ahead.

I can’t wait to visit Backsberg again as this is such a beautiful new spot. I love the new packaging and the wines are just stunning. They are also part of the red bus route so it is a nice way of planning a leisurely day of wine tasting. My new favourite Backsberg wine is the Patriarch Cabernet Franc! I wish the Backs Family and the DGB Team all the best building on the success of Backsberg and the road ahead!

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