Groote Post Seasalter Sauvignon Blanc 2022

90% Sauvignon Blanc
10% Semilon

This flagship Sauvignon Blanc hailing from cool climatic conditions yielded excellent fruit and is another wine produced by Groote Post that are distinct in story, terroir and taste.


The 2022 Seasalter Sauvignon Blanc is the epitome of elegance, complexity, and West Coast soul. This dry white wine has a complex nose of citrus, grapefruit, green apples, and a zesty lime acidity. Hints of that typical Darling fynbos, as well as the smell of wet soil after it rained, provides an earthiness to the wine. The complex nose follows through on the palate, equally expressive, but with a touch of vanilla and leesy complexity. This wine has purity of fruit, a unique minerality and layers of flavours ending with a saline finish that lingers.


Vines planted: 2001
Soil: Hutton / Oakleaf
Yield: 7t/ha
Irrigation: Supplementary
Trellising: 5 wire extended moveable perold
Elevation: 250m South Facing


Striking colour and flavour extraction were seen from grapes in the cellar, thanks to the
cooler season that slowed down ripening and provided the opportunity for these
components to develop optimally. Grapes were harvested at optimal ripeness and all
necessary precautions were taken to make sure the grapes were cool when arriving at the
cellar. Only free run juice was used to craft this wine in a very reductive style.

Fermentation took place after settling between 12-16°C and the wine was kept on the lease for four months with occasional stirring. A total of 20% of the Sauvignon Blanc was aged in barrels for four months, 80% in new fill and 20% in second fill barrels. The tank fermented Sémillon. a 10% component of the Seasalter, was added hereafter. Open tank fermentation on the skins then took place for 14 days with regular punch downs before being presses and barrelled. The wine was aged in first fill 300 litre French oak for 15 months before it was bottled.


The 2022 vintage was a cool season with moderate weather conditions which slowed
down ripening and delayed the harvest by two weeks. Due to these weather conditions
vineyards took its time to reach optimum ripeness. Thanks to this cooler season, The
Seasalter Sauvignon Blanc which is made from grapes from 6 selected sites on the farm
according to its quality history since 2015, achieved optimal ripeness over a longer period and developed stunning flavour.


This wine is crisp, bold, and refreshing and deserves an equally bold serving. Veggie-heavy dishes would compliment the green flavours of the wine. Ravioli with herbed tomato sauce, or a simple pasta with olive oil, lemon, fresh tomatoes, and greens will complement this wine perfectly.

Alc: 13.73% | Ph: 3.37 | Rs: 4.7 | Ta: 6.9

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