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When incredible wines from Paul Wallace Wines are served with delectable dishes to highlight how beautiful food can bring out the best in the wines, you know you are in for a treat. We enjoyed a lovely Food and Wine Pairing vent at Cheverells Farm where Chef Laura Truter created culinary masterpieces that accompanied Paul Wallace Wines brilliantly.

Laura, who is originally from Helsinki and has lived in South Africa for 22 years, is pursuing her love of cooking by designing exquisite menus and dishes for wedding venues and wineries in the Cape Winelands region. Laura explained the dishes prepared for the night and the inspiration behind the menu, whilst Paul and Nicky entertained everyone about their background and stories behind each of their wines. All of their wines are named by Nicky and they firmly believe by giving wine a name, it gives the wine a personality.


Guests were welcomed with a glass of Little Flirt Sauvignon Blanc 2021 and delectable morsels of Toast Skagen which is a traditional Scandinavian open sandwich that consisted of a Toasted Brioche and Smoked Trout, Prawns, Lemon and Dill Cream Cheese.

Fresh, fruity and flirtatious” is how Paul describes the Little Flirt Sauvignon Blanc. Refreshing and full of brightness. The fruit character of the Sauvignon Blanc displays a kaleidoscope of fruit flavours, creating a fruit salad in the glass, and is a real reflection of its location as the farm’s centerpiece on a hill.


For this course, Laura prepared golden deep-fried Arancini Italian-style Risotto balls filled with Gorgonzola and Walnuts, served with Aioli, Apple And Pea Shoot Salad. Regarding the Chardonnay, Laura adds, “It is just the right amount of oaky, buttery, and light”. Elements of the gorgonzola together with the slight sweetness of the apple complemented the Reflection Chardonnay 2021 perfectly.

This Reflection Chardonnay is suitable for pairing with food or as an aperitif. It’s a wine showing personality, it has a zesty flavour with notes of lemon and lime, is slightly oaky, and has a mineral undertone. It spent 10 months in 20% new barrels. A well balanced wine with fruit and wood integration. The Chardonnay vineyards overlooks the dam and when the wind is not blowing, the reflection of the vineyard on the dam is picture perfect and serves as inspiration for the name of the wine.


Think tender and juicy Chicken Roulade and Mushroom Duxelle with mushrooms fried in garlic butter and rolled into the chicken, served with a delicious Cranberry Reduction & Steamed Red Cabbage. This was paired with Braveheart Pinot Noir 2019. Laura claims that this Pinot Noir leans more towards berries, which is why the cranberry reduction in the dish worked so well with the red fruit profile of the Pinot Noir.

Internationally, Pinot Noir is referred to as the “heartbreak grape.” Temperamental in the cellar and challenging in the vineyard. Pinot Noir is site-specific and reflects where it’s grown. The name of this wine was also inspired by the Braveheart movie, in which Mel Gibson plays the illustrious independence fighter, William Wallace. “It’s a great lunch-time red. It’s a great summertime red and it’s a great food pairing,” says Paul. This superb Braveheart Pinot Noir is delightful in the glass, with loads of red fruit flavours like cherries and strawberries.


This course was inspired by Laura’s impression of how captivating this Black Dog Malbec 2018 is. A description of how to enjoy this Malbec with a bowl of biltong and nuts by the fire inspired her to make an appetiser with these ingredients. Melba Toast topped with a delicious Biltong Pâté, Toasted Almonds, and Pomegranates that added a wow factor perfectly highlighted the wine.

Being one of the first producers to bring out a straight Malbec in 2004 and with grapes that came from Paarl, Paul Wallace Wines received a 4 star rating in John Platter. It is one of the only cool-climate style Malbec in South Africa and the only farm in Elgin to produce a Malbec. It was also named after a dog named Jake who was Paul’s black shadow, and walked the journey with them. The Malbec grape is also known as the Black Grape and it is this characteristic that has been incorporated into the name.

The entry onto the palate is a satisfying fruit-filled mouthful of both red and black fruits linked by a thread of spice and held together with silky tannins. Paul describes this wine as “Fleshy, Juicy, Yummy, Moreish”. As Winston Churchill allegedly referred to his sadness and mental health troubles as “The Black Dog,” someone reportedly told Nicky he wouldn’t drink this wine. “Drink this and you won’t ever be depressed again,” was Nicky’s prompt reply.


Crackerjack 2019 is a rich, beautiful and well-rounded wine that goes together with any tomato-based stews. Laura created a hearty and flavoursome Slow-cooked Oxtail served with Roasted Tomatoes, Parmesan Polenta and Orange Gremolata that paired very well with the dark fruit and rich tannin notes of the Crackerjack.

Merlot dominates the Crackerjack Bordeaux blend, which also includes Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The wine is a cracker, and therefore the name. A wine with a savoury core that is full of fresh fruits from the red and black fruit spectrums and wows the palate. It is bright, captivating with an elegant mouthfeel. A Superb wine that deserves all the credit.


Lemon Posset with Summer Berries made for a delicious evening’s conclusion. Summer berries and meringues were added to this delicious dessert, which had a creamy base and a tangy finish. A delicious dessert that was light and refreshing to conclude the evening on a high note.

Watch this space for some exciting future events coming up. Why wait? Pop in at Cheverells Farm for a wholesome, farm fresh meal or a delicious breakfast.

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Want to stock up on some Paul Wallace Wines? Just 1.5 km from Cheverells Farm, they are open for tastings every Saturday. To visit any other day in the week, email or visit their website to order some wine.

“Afterall, Elgin is the best place to grow wines in South Africa”. We couldn’t agree more!

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