Sip Summer in a can with Perdeberg’s Wine-Based Seltzer

Perdeberg Wines launched its wine-based seltzer using its popular Lighthearted wine range as the base product/ingredient several months ago and it continues to grow in popularity.

As the mercury rises, this delicious low alcohol and low sugar and calories drink with fruit flavours and no artificial colouring is fast becoming the preferred beverage option thanks to its refreshing taste and the bubbles that tantalize taste buds.

Perdeberg’s team understands how much South Africans love to get outdoors and enjoy the summer weather, so they’ve curated a list of activities loved by their staff at the farm, and by guests to inspire you to get outdoors – or stay indoors if you prefer – while quaffing a refreshing Perdeberg Lighthearted Seltzer.

  1.       Picnics: A great way to enjoy a meal with friends outdoors in a park or even on a beach.  Fill your basket with your favourite snacks, chill your seltzers and add your friends.
  2.       Embrace nature: Set out with your friends for a late afternoon hike and find a viewpoint that looks over your city. It’s important to stop – take it all in – and then sit back with your preferred flavour of Perdeberg Lighthearted Seltzer and enjoy good conversation.
  3.       Embrace spring flowers by making flower crowns: It’s a wonderful way to spend time with girlfriends or your mom and who doesn’t love feeling like a princess for a day with a crown.
  4.       Use this as an opportunity to prune and prepare your garden for summer: This time of the year, it’s amazing to see our gardens literally springing to life and there’s some therapeutic about getting our hands into the soil and recreating and caring for flower beds. A cold Perdeberg Seltzer is the perfect way to marvel at your hard work.
  5.       Meet your neighbors: It’s so easy to stay indoors and wave at your neighbors from afar as you rush indoors to avoid the cold. Summer, however, is the perfect time to linger longer and forge new friendships inviting them over for a braai on a hot day.
  6.       Al fresco dining: Who doesn’t love dining outside on a warm summer night? It’s a great opportunity to prepare a charcuterie platter and sit back and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

Perdeberg wine-based seltzers are the perfect blend of water (soda), alcohol (wine), and flavouring creating a gluten-free, lower-alcohol beverage (4.5%-7% abv) that contains only 74-75 calories – almost 100 calories lower than other seltzers – and packaged in a sustainable slimline can.

With a myriad of low alcohol options on the shelves to choose from, Perdeberg Lighthearted Seltzer ticks all the boxes. Available in two refreshing flavours, mixed berries, and lemon and lime, it’s ideal for summer. Available from selected liquor outlets, online at, Perdeberg’s online wine shop, or at the Perdeberg tasting room.

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