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Morgenster Wine Estate, located in Somerset West, is a family-owned estate that produces not only award-winning wines but also high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil produced at Morgenster has gained international recognition for its exceptional taste and quality.

Morgenster’s founder, Giulio Bertrand, was considered the ‘Father of Olive Oil’ in South Africa as he paved the way for the local olive oil industry as we know it today. Giulio had a passion for both wine and olive oil, which he learned from his grandfather, who was an olive oil producer in Italy.

When Giulio acquired the estate in 1992 – a farm with a rich history that dates back 300 years, he saw the potential for producing high-quality olive oil in the Mediterranean climate of the Western Cape. He was considered the ‘Father of Olive Oil’ in South Africa as he paved the way for the local olive oil industry as we know it today and imported 17 specially selected olive cultivars.

Over 30 hectares and 3 generations later, the family is proud to carry on Giulio’s legacy of excellence and uncompromised quality. The new look has the same passion and spirit towards creating authentic, excellent and true to traditions product. The new look features an elegant, modern and minimalistic design, allowing the exceptional quality of their extra virgin olive oils to shine.

The range includes four extra virgin olive oils with a balsamic vinegar that completes the range. The balsamic is produced in Italy using traditional Italian methods but bottled right here at Morgenster.

The olives are harvested when its still very green, in order to get the aromas and the quality they are looking for in the product. Harvest and picking time are a crucial part of the process. All the olives that come into the factory gets pressed within 24 hours and all cultivars are pressed separately and stored in tanks separately.

Factory Tour

The process of producing olive oil at Morgenster’s olive oil factory involves several steps, each of which is crucial. The factory uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality of oil is produced. This includes a continuous cycle mill, which crushes the olives into a paste, and a centrifuge that separates the oil from the paste. The entire process is carefully monitored to ensure that the oil produced meets the estate’s high standards.

Once the olives are harvested, they are sorted to remove any leaves, twigs, or other debris. They are then washed to remove dirt and any remaining debris. After the olives are washed, they are crushed into a paste using a continuous cycle mill. The mill grinds the olives into a paste, which includes the skin, pulp, and pits.

The paste is then mixed in a malaxer, which allows the oil to separate from the solids. The malaxer also helps to break down the oil droplets, which helps to release the oil. The oil and solids are then separated using a centrifuge.

The centrifuge spins the paste at high speed, which separates the oil from the solids. The oil is then collected and stored in tanks. The oil is then clarified to remove any remaining impurities. This is done by letting the oil settle and then filtering it to remove any particles.

They process the olives in a state of the art Pieralisi oil press, one of the world’s leading oil extraction systems. The aim is to produce balanced, harmonious Extra Virgin Olive Oils with a rich complexity.

Olive Oil Tasting

Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil – On the nose you get freshly cut grass with hints of artichokes. It’s a boutique blend, exclusively made in small batches. Its pale golden colour, velvety texture, and soft fruity flavour. Well-balanced, soft and fruity with a velvety texture.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Premium blend of up to 14 of our finest Italian olive varieties. This pure, well-balanced, and versatile extra virgin olive oil is high in mono-unsaturated fats. Aromas of tomato leaf and freshly cut grass. Vibrant and fresh on the palate.

Don Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil – This single-varietal and intense extra virgin olive oil is made from Don Carlo olives. Its bold and spicy.

Lemon-enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The delicate zest of this extra virgin olive oil is unmistakably delicious. It’s made by carefully combining the oil from cold pressed lemon peel with our finest blend of extra virgin olive oil. It has a bright and citrus flavour.

Italian Balsamic Vinegar – A 3-year old balsamic vinegar and made from the Trebbiano grapes. Produced in Modena (Italy), the very home of what is affectionately called black gold and bottled on Morgenster Estate.

Visit Morgenster’s contemporary tasting room, perched on the edge of a dam, with views of mountains and wetlands. Visitors can experience a variety of both wine and olive oil tastings in this bucolic setting.

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