Dining Delight at Longridge Wine Estate | A Winter Retreat

As winter casts its chilly embrace, there’s nothing quite like a cosy dinner by a crackling fireplace to warm the soul. Longridge Wine Estate, nestled in the heart of a picturesque landscape, offers precisely this idyllic setting for an unforgettable winter dining experience at their Longridge Restaurant. Situated in the scenic Stellenbosch Wine Region, Longridge Wine Estate combines breathtaking views, exceptional wines and a restaurant with a roaring fireplace to create the perfect ambiance for a winter dinner treat.

Longridge’s restaurant, with its rustic yet elegant interior, exudes warmth and comfort. The centerpiece of the dining room is an inviting fireplace, radiating a gentle glow that enhances the overall ambiance. As you settle into your seat, the crackling fire sets the stage for an unforgettable evening. Whether you’re seeking an intimate dinner for two or a gathering with friends and family, the restaurant at Longridge offers a captivating experience for all walks of life.

The restaurant at Longridge Wine Estate complements its enchanting setting with a menu that celebrates the region’s finest produce. Their philosophy is unpretentious, healthy and delicious food and follows a farm to table philosophy. Vegetables are sourced daily from their own gardens and all produce used in the kitchen is handpicked from local vendors.

The talented chefs create dishes that showcase the flavours of the Cape Winelands using organic and free range ingredients, expertly pairing them with the estate’s award-winning wines. From hearty soups and slow-cooked stews to succulent roasts and delectable desserts, every dish is carefully crafted to bring comfort and joy to your winter dining experience.

Longridge Gourmet Experience

There’s nothing quite as comforting and satisfying as a steaming bowl of soup. Winter and soup are a match made in culinary heaven, providing both nourishment and a cosy respite from the cold.

Indulging in a delicious hearty soup that captivates the palate with its smoothness The velvety texture of the soup ensures a comforting and luxurious experience, while the addition of roasted nuts elevates the dish, infusing it with a delightful nuttiness that enhances the overall flavour profile. With each spoonful, the roasted nuts impart their unique essence, elevating the soup to new heights of deliciousness.


The chef has skillfully prepared a selection of enticing main dishes perfectly for winter to choose from. These mains showcased a variety of flavours and ingredients, ensuring there was something to suit every palate and preference.

Indulge in the flavours of a delicious Lamb Curry, served with fragrant basmati rice, accompanied by zesty sambal and crispy poppadoms, creating a harmonious blend of spices and textures.

Alternatively, the Sweet Potato and Lentil Curry offered a delightful vegetarian option. Served with nutritious kale and accompanied by freshly made naan bread, this dish provided a satisfying and wholesome dining experience.

For seafood enthusiasts, the Pan-fried Line Fish was a perfect choice. The fish was expertly cooked and served with crushed potatoes, seasoned with Dukkha for added flavour and a delightful crunch. The dish was elevated with the addition of mussels in a pesto wine cream sauce, providing a rich and succulent complement to the fish.


Each dessert is thoughtfully prepared to provide a satisfying conclusion to your meal, with a perfect balance of flavours and an element of indulgence for a winter delight. Treat yourself to these enticing creations and experience a truly delicious dessert experience.

Savour the unique flavours of a plant-based Sweet Potato Brownie, accompanied by a scoop of creamy coconut vanilla ice cream and garnished with fresh, vibrant berries. This sweet treat offers a delightful combination of indulgence and wholesome ingredients.

Experience the comforting delight of lekker Malva Pudding, served alongside velvety vanilla ice cream. Drizzled with a luscious brandy caramel sauce and complemented by a dollop of crème anglaise, this classic South African dessert is a true crowd-pleaser.

Delight your taste buds with a tropical twist. Enjoy the creamy coconut-infused rice pudding, delicately flavoured with rum and cinnamon. Topped with juicy mango and succulent blueberries, this dessert offers a delightful blend of exotic flavors and comforting textures.

Longridge Biodynamic & Organic Principles

Longridge Wine Estate embraces biodynamic and organic principles, situated adjacent to the majestic Helderberg Mountain. This advantageous location shields them from the harsh South Easterly winds while welcoming a refreshing breeze from the nearby Atlantic Ocean each morning. The soil, comprised of decomposed granite with clay, contributes to the unique terroir of their wines.

In harmony with nature, Longridge Wine Estate employs various methods to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Ladybirds and geese play essential roles in pest control, eliminating the need for herbicides or pesticides. When it comes to winemaking, the cellar abstains from using added yeast. Instead, they rely solely on the indigenous yeast naturally present in the specific vineyard. This practice imparts a distinct character to the wine, expressing its terroir and the compost used, thus encapsulating a story within each sip.

While acknowledging the usefulness of mice and moles in aerating the soils, Longridge Wine Estate employs predator birds to manage their population and prevent excessive damage to the vineyard. Through their intimate understanding of nature and meticulous attention to detail, Longridge Wine Estate witnesses the remarkable results in the form of robust and healthy vines.

By embracing these sustainable practices and working in harmony with the environment, Longridge Wine Estate not only produces exceptional wines but also preserves the land for future generations. The commitment to nurturing the vineyard’s health and allowing nature to guide the winemaking process adds a special dimension to every bottle, offering a genuine sense of place and an authentic story to be enjoyed with each glass.

Jasper Raats and the Van der Laan family, the owners of Longridge Wine Estate, envisioned a haven where their family could freely explore, indulge in nourishing food, breathe fresh air, and savor wholesome beverages. Their goal was to create a space where they could embrace a lifestyle closely connected to the land, enjoying the bounties it provides while promoting wellness and sustainability.

Longridge Wines

Longridge Wine Estate offers two distinct wine ranges that cater to different preferences and showcase their winemaking expertise.

The Longridge Brand represents their premium and ultra-premium wines, all crafted from grapes grown within the estate. This range includes a selection of esteemed varietals such as Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. These wines embody the essence of the estate, reflecting the terroir and meticulous attention to detail in their production.

On the other hand, the Jasper Raats range, named after the esteemed winemaker, explores a diverse selection of interesting and unique cultivars. This range showcases the winery’s creativity and willingness to experiment, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity to discover lesser-known grape varieties and exciting new taste experiences.

Whether you prefer the elegance and refinement of the Longridge Brand or the intrigue and exploration of the Jasper Raats range, both collections exemplify the dedication to quality and passion for winemaking that Longridge Wine Estate is known for.

Longridge MCC Brut NV

It is crafted in small batches, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and quality. The grapes are hand-harvested and carefully hand-selected, ensuring only the finest fruit makes its way into the winemaking process. One notable aspect of this MCC is that no dosage is added, allowing the wine’s natural flavours and characteristics to shine through.

To enhance complexity and depth, Longridge MCC Blanc de Blancs Brut NV is aged on the lees for a minimum of 36 to 48 months. This extended time spent in contact with the lees, the residual yeast particles, adds richness, texture and subtle notes that enhance the overall flavour profile.

On the nose, this Cap Classique exhibits an enticing bouquet of green apple, including lemon and grapefruit, accompanied by delicate floral aromas that add a touch of elegance. Subtle hints of toasted brioche and almond contribute to its complexity. It delivers a vibrant and fruit-forward experience. Alongside the citrus fruits, flavours of green apple, pear and a hint of tropical fruit emerge, adding depth and complexity. The wine’s well-integrated acidity enhances the fruit character, making each sip a delightful journey.

Longridge Ou Steen Chenin Blanc 2021

This 2021 vintage has recently been released, showcasing its pristine quality and freshness. It exudes a crisp and invigorating character that enlivens the senses This Chenin Blanc attains a unique roundness and depth due to the careful use of oak barrels and Clay Amphora during the winemaking process.

Notably, Longridge Wine Estate was one of the pioneers in successfully completing the replanting of aged vines. This decision was prompted by the unfortunate loss of some vines. Through their dedicated efforts, the vineyard has achieved remarkable success in rejuvenating and revitalising and regrow heritage vineyards.

On the nose it unveils a captivating bouquet of tropical fruits. The aromas of luscious pineapple, marzipan and peach intermingle with delicate hints of citrus, enhancing its aromatic complexity and appeal. The palate is greeted with a burst of crisp freshness with pineapple and guava leading the way, complemented by hints of tangy citrus. The wine’s well-balanced acidity provides a crisp and lively mouthfeel, enhancing the overall freshness. There is a beautiful interplay between the fruitiness, the zesty acidity and a subtle minerality that brings harmony to the wine.

Olindo Verdelho 2022

This wine is a certified organic wine that captivates the senses with its vibrant characteristics and expressive flavours. On the nose, this wine reveals an abundance of fresh melon aromas and a delightful perfume, enticing you with its enticing bouquet.

The palate offers a unique experience, with notes of aromatic bitters and the subtle presence of bay leaf. These flavours add depth and complexity to the wine, creating a multi-dimensional taste profile. Despite its fresh acidity, it also possesses a rich roundness and body, striking a perfect balance between freshness and depth.

The label on the bottle is adorned with the words “O lindo,” which translates to “The Beautiful” in Portuguese. It evokes a sense of beauty and wonder, just like the image depicted on the label – a little girl reaching for the stars, guided by the Southern Cross, symbolising a journey home.

Longridge Chenin Blanc 2022

On the nose, this Chenin Blanc presents an enticing bouquet of ripe tropical fruits, including juicy pineapple, succulent mango, and hints of ripe pear. Delicate floral notes of white flowers and a touch of citrus zest add to its aromatic complexity.

It offers a fruit-forward taste experience. Alongside the tropical fruits, flavours of crisp apple, hints of honey and a touch of minerality emerge, adding layers of complexity and depth. The wine’s vibrant acidity enhances the fruit character, creating a pleasing balance and a long, satisfying finish.

Longridge Chardonnay 2021

Crafted with care, this Chardonnay undergoes a distinctive fermentation process, with half of the wine aged in well-seasoned oak barrels and the remainder in concrete eggs. This meticulous approach lends a unique character to the wine, emphasising its minerality and adding an elegant and feminine touch.

Delicate notes of citrus zest dance alongside, infusing the bouquet with a vibrant freshness. As you take a sip, the flavours of the Chardonnay unfold gracefully. Alongside the prominent fruit-forward notes of pear and apple.

The use of well-seasoned oak barrels imparts a refined roundness. Simultaneously, the fermentation in concrete eggs preserves the wine’s natural freshness and highlights its unique minerality. This combination of techniques results in a Chardonnay that embodies both elegance and femininity, showcasing a delicate balance of flavours and a sophisticated character.

Longridge Clos du Ciel 2018

Planted almost three decades ago by the renowned John Platter, the vineyard known as Clos du Ciel, meaning “Heavenly Vineyard,” has consistently delivered an exquisitely complex and uniquely classic Chardonnay.

Covering one hectare of land, this vineyard is home to a remarkable variety, with nine different clones contributing to its richness and diversity. The winemaking process involves the use of first and second-fill French oak barrels, as well as clay amphorae, ensuring a nuanced and layered expression of the wine’s character.

The aromatic profile of this Chardonnay is truly captivating, as notes of citronella and lemongrass intermingle with subtle hints of peach skin and naartjie peel. Once on the palate, this wine reveals its lively and savoury nature, with a textural grip that captivates the senses. Flint flavours add a distinct mineral edge, while a grainy and pithy quality reminiscent of walnut and firm pear adds depth and complexity. It offers a symphony of intricate flavours and textures, resulting in a wine that is both harmonious and complex.

Longridge Pinotage 2019

On the nose, this Pinotage reveals enticing aromas of ripe red berries, such as cherries and raspberries, complemented by subtle hints of smokiness and oak. These aromatics create an inviting bouquet that sets the stage for a memorable tasting experience.

Upon the first sip, the wine delights the palate with its smooth and velvety texture. The flavours of red fruits continue to shine, accompanied by gentle spice notes that add complexity. Well-integrated oak provides a subtle framework, enhancing the wine’s structure without overpowering its natural character.

Longridge Skebenga 2021

Skebenga, also known as Skollie, is a term derived from the Zulu language and is widely used in South Africa, particularly in the Western Cape region, to refer to a gangster, bandit, or scoundrel.

Recently bottled, the Skebenga wine is a Cape Blend consisting of Pinotage, Cinsault and Pinot Noir grapes. This elegant and well-rounded wine showcases soft and juicy tannins. On the nose, it reveals delightful notes of sweet spices and sour cherry. The palate offers a pleasing combination of gentle vanilla oak and a subtly smoky charcuterie savouriness. The wine concludes with a lengthy and lingering aftertaste, leaving a memorable impression.

In a meaningful partnership, Longridge has collaborated with Edward Ackermann’s non-profit organization (NGO) called LightLife. Edward, himself a former gang leader, brings invaluable expertise and insight to help transform the lives of individuals in the community, particularly children who are at risk of getting involved in a life of crime. By supporting LightLife, Longridge aims to create positive change and provide a safer future for these individuals.

Longridge Maandans 2018

The label of the Longridge Maandans 2018 features a unique painting created by Jasper’s friend. Jasper had a vision for the label to incorporate the moon, with a blue color palette representing the biodynamic nature of the wine. To bring this vision to life, his friend used Jasper’s birthday to research the moon’s details on NASA’s website. The result is a captivating label that depicts the moon gracefully dancing amidst a star constellation.

The Maandans wine is sourced from a heritage vineyard that was planted back in 1972. With great care, only 900 bottles of this Reserve Pinotage are crafted each year, usually from 1 to 2 barrels.

This wine truly stands out with its elegance, layers of flavours and impeccable balance. The fine, structured tannins contribute to its refined character. On the nose, one can detect a captivating potpourri bouquet, leading to intricate nuances of red berries and dark cherries. The wine’s journey continues with a mesmerizing dance on the palate, leaving a lasting impression.

Longridge Misterie 2017

The painting above the fireplace evokes a sense of mystery and bears a striking resemblance to the label on the bottle, leaving us to ponder whether it portrays a constellation or a collection of flowers. In today’s era of advanced technology, many mysteries can be analysed and unraveled. However, when it comes to the pursuit of making the perfect wine, the concept itself remains a captivating enigma. What is the perfect wine?

This wine reveals a complex character with a savoury aroma and subtle notes of cedar and blueberry. The palate delights in the richness of plump dark red fruit and ripe black cherries, accompanied by soft, yet well-integrated tannins. The finish lingers, leaving a fresh and satisfying impression. Experience the allure and complexity of this exceptional wine, as it unravels its own story, inviting you to indulge in its enigmatic charm.

Longridge Edelgoud 2016

Crafted in limited quantities with just two barrels produced from Weisser Riesling grapes. This exceptional wine captivates with its distinct golden hue, tempting the palate with a seductive array of flavors. Notes of apricot and nectarine intertwine with nuances of passion fruit, honeycomb, marmalade, apple, and dried peach, creating a harmonious and indulgent sensory experience.

Longridge Wine Estate stands as a haven for wine lovers and seekers of refined culinary experiences. The combination of its breathtaking location, an inviting restaurant with a crackling fireplace and exceptional food and wine make it an ideal destination for a winter dinner treat.

Whether you’re a local looking for an escape from the city or a traveler seeking a memorable experience, the restaurant at Longridge Wine Estate promises a delightful evening of indulgence, where every sip and bite is enhanced by the cosy warmth of the fireplace. Winter in Stellenbosch has never been so captivating, thanks to the irresistible charm of Longridge Wine Estate and the ambiance created by their welcoming fireplace.

Restaurant Opening Times Monday & Tuesday – 10h00 – 17h00, Wednesday – Saturday – 10h00 – 17h00 (Winter), Wednesday – Saturday – 10h00 – 18h00 (Summer), Sunday – 10h00 – 15h30
Tasting Room Opening Times Monday – Saturday (10:00 – 16:30), Sunday (10:00 – 14:00)
Contact Restaurant & Bookings 021 855 4082, restaurant@longridge.co.za
Contact Wine Lounge & Sales 021 855 2005, info@longridge.co.za
Where Off the R44, Helderberg Pad, Stellenbosch

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