#since1685 Celebrate 338 Years Of Groot Constantia

Unique Vintage Vault experience opens to the public for the very first time #since1685

On 13 July, a momentous occasion graces South African heritage, shining a spotlight on the world of wine. Groot Constantia, the oldest wine-producing farm in the country, proudly celebrates its 338th birthday, maintaining an uninterrupted legacy of crafting legendary wines since 1685.

As you enter Groot Constantia, an Estate, steeped in history, you are immediately captivated by the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you. Lush vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, their vibrant green hues a testament to the centuries-old art of winemaking.

Towering oak trees sway gently in the cold winter breeze, their branches reaching towards the heavens, casting dappled shadows on the path before you. It is in this idyllic setting that you begin to understand why Groot Constantia is hailed as one of South Africa’s most revered wine estates. The combination of natural splendor and rich heritage makes every step a journey through time, while the magnificent views beckon you to explore further and immerse yourself in the magic of this extraordinary place.

Celebrate 338 years #since1685

Join us in raising our glasses to the remarkable Groot Constantia, South Africa’s oldest wine-producing farm, as it reaches a remarkable milestone of 338 years. Since its establishment by Governor Simon van der Stel on 13 July 1685, Groot Constantia has been a beacon of winemaking excellence, embodying the rich heritage of South African viticulture.

In a world where wine regions like Bordeaux’s Medoc were yet to flourish and the renowned Cabernet Sauvignon was yet to be born, Groot Constantia was already crafting legendary wines. Today, it proudly stands as a beloved and acclaimed wine farm, garnering accolades and international recognition.

To commemorate its 338th birthday, Groot Constantia is unlocking its Vintage Vault for the first time ever, inviting wine enthusiasts to savour and acquire a limited selection of their renowned and highly coveted wines. These treasures are not only coveted by collectors but also serve as excellent investments, perfect for those extraordinary moments that deserve something truly special.

Stepping back in time

Within the vault, a treasure trove of rare wines awaits, including the iconic Grand Constance wine, dating back to 1821 and standing as the oldest bottle in the collection. Also housed within are the esteemed Pontac wine crafted by JP Cloete, acclaimed at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1855, as well as a selection originally intended for the Duke of Northumberland.

Groot Constantia’s wines have long captivated the palates of distinguished figures throughout history. From the esteemed Louis Philippe, King of the French, to the illustrious Frederick the Great of Prussia, and even the legendary Napoleon himself, these wines have left an indelible mark.

Notably, they have found their way into the pages of literary works by renowned authors such as Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, where they were celebrated as remedies for a broken heart or likened to the sweetness of a lover’s lips. The legacy of accolades continues to flourish, with Groot Constantia’s wines consistently earning recognition and awards on a global scale.

Vintage Vault Experience

Step back in time and wallow in a truly extraordinary experience at Groot Constantia’s “Vintage Vault Experience” from 13 July to the end of August 2023. For the very first time, you can indulge in an exclusive tasting of these highly sought-after wines, nestled in the intimate alcoves beneath the historical Manor House. Picture the ambiance, transporting you back in time and allowing you to be a part of something truly magical.

Entering the Vintage Vault is like stepping into a bygone era, where the finest treasures of Groot Constantia’s enduring legacy are carefully stored. The cool, mystical atmosphere adds to the allure of this remarkable space, creating the perfect environment to showcase these vinicultural wonders. During the winter season, the Vintage Vault offers a cosy warmth that sets the perfect ambiance, creating an ideal setting for the ultimate highlight, which is enjoying remarkably well-aged Groot Constantia wines.

Every day, a fresh selection of wines from the Vintage Vault will be unveiled, ensuring an exceptional tasting experience within the magnificent arched spaces beneath the Groot Constantia Manor House, which was originally built in 1778. Prepare to be captivated by the history and exquisite flavours that await you in this extraordinary setting.

“All of the wines that we are releasing from the Vintage Vault demonstrate the values, story, heritage and most importantly, quality of the Groot Constantia wines.

The Vintage Vault is characterised by its alluring cool, dark and mystical atmosphere, where a passageway leads romantically down several steps to reach the soft ambience where the Vintage Vault is situated in an environment ideal for storing wine.

Most people are not aware that we have this Vintage Vault, which is like a trip back in time, offering a glimpse into the wines produced at Groot Constantia over the ages”

Jean Naudé, CEO of Groot Constantia

Tasting Wines of Excellence

Indulge in the experience of tasting six exquisite, yet super special wines from the Vintage Vault, each showcasing their well-aged character while retaining a vibrant and fresh quality.

As the only winery in the Constantia Valley that cultivates Pinotage, Groot Constantia offers a unique opportunity to savour this distinctive varietal. With an impressive 100 hectares of vineyards under their care, Groot Constantia ensures the highest quality of grapes for their wines.

Every wine from the Vintage Vault is matured in French oak barrels, with a standard aging period of 13 months. However, the Pinotage has a slightly shorter maturation time of 11 months, while the Gouverneurs Reserve spends a luxurious 16 months in French oak barrels, enhancing its richness and complexity.

Merlot 2013

A multi-layered Merlot that shows flavours of mulberry, raspberry, plums and hints of spices on the nose. Berry fruit like black currant and mulberries follow on the palate. Fine tannins give structure and length to the wine that finishes with great concentration and weight.

• 2015 Gold Michelangelo International Wine Awards
• 2016 4.5 Stars Platter’s South African Wine Guide

Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Aromas of summer fruits, black currant, cassis, fennel and hints of cigar box underneath. The palate has a good flavour concentration backed by classical Cabernet tannins to ensure a long lingering aftertaste. The wine shows fresh fruit in its youth but will benefit from some ageing.

2015 Gold SA Terroir Awards
• 2016 4.5 Stars Platter’s South African Wine Guide

Pinotage 2013

A rich cool climate Pinotage with deep, dark red colour. A multi-layered complexity of bright red fruit, black berries, black cherries, plums and ripe strawberries with hints of dark chocolate and cinnamon spice on the nose. Fresh fruits like juicy plums, cherries and black currant follow through on the palate to finish with a soft spicy aftertaste. This Pinotage ages gracefully.

2015 Top 100 SA Wines
• 2015 Bacchus Trophy TAJ Classic Wine Show
• 2015 Absa Top 10 Pinotage Awards
• 2015 4.5 Stars Platter’s South African Wine Guide

Shiraz 2013

The 2013 Shiraz has a deep, inky black colour. The wine is very aromatic and shows an abundance of black pepper and violets, with layers of plum and black cherries and careful use of oak. The rich black fruit follows on the palate, framed by firm tannins that promises good maturation potential.

2015 Gold SA Terroir Awards
• 2015 Gold Syrah-Du-Monde
• 2015 Top 12 Shiraz SA
• 2015 Grand Gold SA Wine Index (SAWI)
• 2016 4.5 Stars Platter’s South African Wine Guide

Gouverneurs Reserve Red 2013

The flagship red blend is a remarkable representation of the 2013 vintage. Crafted with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, it embodies the essence of these varietals. In the past, Malbec was included in the blend until 2008, when it was replaced by Petit Verdot, adding a new dimension to the wine’s character.

Ripe fruit like black currant and black cherries dominate the nose, backed up by a cedar wood character from barrel ageing. The palate is ripe and powerful yet still shows Constantia’s elegance. The firm tannin structure promises good maturation potential.

2015 Wine Mag Awards
• 2016 Double Gold Top 100 SA Wines
• 2016 Top Red Blend SA Terroir Wine Awards
• 2016 Platinum SA Wine Index (SAWI)
• 2016 5 Stars Platter’s South African Wine Guide

Grand Constance 2007

Typical Muscat characteristics are enhanced by nuances of walnuts, baked raisins, apricots and honey. A well-structured acidity balances out the sweetness perfectly without it being syrupy.

2010 Silver International Wine Challenge


To book the Vintage Vault Experience, reservations can be made through Dineplan at a cost of R500 per person.

It is advisable to book in advance, as availability is limited. The Vintage Vault Experience will commence on 13 July, coinciding with the estate’s historic birthday, and will run until end of August.


We are pleased to present a special partnership offer with Groot Constantia. By making a reservation through the Dineplan booking page and applying the Code: Swirl&Spice, you can enjoy a generous 10% discount. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your experience and indulge in the exquisite offerings of Groot Constantia at a discounted rate.

Dates: 13 July to 31 August
Location: The Manor House at Groot Constantia Wine Estate
Cost: R500 per person
Bookings: Dineplan
Discount: 10% discount code: Swirl&Spice

This is a wonderful opportunity to visit Groot Constantia, indulge in a private tasting of six Vintage Vault wines, and take part in this exceptional event celebrating the estate’s long-standing heritage.

Join the celebration by using the hashtag #since1685 to share your Groot Constantia birthday experiences. Let’s toast to 338 years of excellence and raise our glasses to Groot Constantia’s bright future!

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 21 794-5128 / enquiries@grootconstantia.co.za

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