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Robert and Anette Rosenbach fulfilled a lifelong dream when they discovered this operational farm nestled in the picturesque McGregor valley, enveloped by vineyards, native fynbos and a mystical mountain range. The farm earned its name, “Tanagra,” from a towering wild fig tree, resonating with the Khoisan term for ‘main shade,’ providing essential relief from the scorching summer days in the historic homestead and winery.

Having relocated from Germany in 2009, Robert and Anette have transformed the farm into a thriving haven where ecology and economics harmonize to harness the finest from nature and its offerings.

The Winery

Tanagra is a working wine farm, with a boutique wine cellar and a distillery. There are currently 5 ha of vines under cultivation (Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Colombard) and 3ha of lucerne.

At Tanagra, the boutique winery specialises in crafting an exclusive selection of wines that are meticulously handpicked and handcrafted. Their primary emphasis is on single-vineyard wines, reflecting the distinctive terroir scented with fynbos in this Klein Karoo region. Situated adjacent to the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve, the vineyards are enveloped by untamed fynbos and succulent Karoo, yielding exceptionally aromatic and one-of-a-kind wines. The winemaking process at Tanagra begins in the vineyards, where minimal intervention is employed to create wines that align with nature’s intent.


Pinotage Blanc de Noir 2020

This Pinotage Blanc de Noir exhibits an attractive salmon hue. It brims with lively notes of red fruit, including strawberries and red berries. The palate offers a refreshing and crisp experience, subtly complemented by a delightful touch of fruity sweetness. It maintains a harmonious balance, having undergone natural yeast fermentation and a 3-month maturation on lees.

Cabernet Franc Blanc de Noir 2021

This wine boasts vibrant notes of raspberry and strawberry on the nose with a fruity aroma. On the palate, it is refreshingly crisp, leaving a lingering sensation reminiscent of raspberries. Its lively and spicy character provides a robust and enduring finish. Crafted from 100% Cabernet Franc, it undergoes natural yeast fermentation, followed by cold fermentation. Half of the batch is barrel-fermented, and it matured for 10 months in barrels.

Colombard 2021

The Tanagra Colombard stands apart. It originates from older vines, meticulously pruned to lower yields, and is crafted into a refined and sophisticated culinary wine. It offers a refreshing and lively character, enhanced by skillful barrel fermentation and ageing. This Colombard is dry and elegant, with notes of white peach, honeydew melon, subtle oak and a hint of vanilla. It undergoes a 50% barrel fermentation and matured in barrels for 10 months.

Cabernet Franc 2020

Matured in oak for 14 months, this wine combines ripe berries intertwined with cool leaves and crushed herbs, creating a solid structure with smooth, rounded tannins and a spicy finish. It was fermented with wholeberries and natural yeast.

Syrah 2021

This wine, with a medium body and an elegant profile, boasts a rich aroma featuring spices, white pepper, sour cherry, violets and subtle notes of vanilla. Its soft tannins and well-integrated wood are the result of wholeberry fermentation with natural yeast and 14 months of oak maturation.

Heavenly Chaos 2020

The name “Heavenly Chaos” reflects its unique character as an unscripted blend. It starts with Merlot as the base, and added whatever remains in the barrels after bottling their other wines, creating a delightful “chaos” of ever-changing composition, though consistently led by their Single Vineyard Merlot. This unpredictability results in a heavenly wine – remarkably smooth and approachable, yet with a serious edge.

It’s a dry wine, rich with flavours of ripe plum and cassis, complemented by a herbal aftertaste. The smooth, rounded tannins have been nurtured through 14 months of oak maturation.

The Distillery

At Tanagra, they don’t just excel in winemaking, they also have a thriving distillery. Utilising the byproducts of the winemaking process, such as the husks and lees, as well as local fruits, they craft stylish Grappa and Eau de Vie. In an exciting development in 2021, they initiated the distillation of their very first Estate Potstill Brandy, derived from Colombard wine produced on the farm. This exceptional brandy is currently maturing in their cellar. The Tanagra distillery offers a limited collection of elegant Marc (reminiscent of Italian Grappa) and fruit-based Eau de Vie, each produced in very limited quantities.

An ‘Eau de Vie’ represents a clear spirit crafted from fermented fruit. Notably, ‘grappa’ specifically denotes an Eau de Vie produced from the fermented grape skins, which remain after the grapes are pressed. It’s important to mention that the term ‘grappa’ is protected by Italian regulations, so it cannot be used on the label. Instead, they have opted for the French name for Grappa, which is ‘Marc.’ Currently, the product lineup includes the following varieties:

  1. MARC/(GRAPPA): Crafted from fermented grape skins.
  2. EAU DE VIE DE LIE: An Eau de Vie made from the lees, a regional specialty from the area in Germany where we originate.
  3. FRUIT EAU DE VIE: Created from fermented fruits, including apricots and peaches.
  4. Additionally, they offer a unique specialty, LEMON EAU DE VIE, and our ORANGE LIQUEUR.


As a proud member of the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI), Tanagra is dedicated to practicing sustainable farming and wine production. A significant portion of the farm has been designated for nature conservation, contributing to the preservation of the biodiversity hotspot within the Cape winelands region.

A network of farm trails makes all 3 binomes found on the farm available to visiting guests, familiarizing them with typical succulents and aloes and the binomes by illustrated signage. The extension of this plant trail is an ongoing project.


Tanagra provides a selection of six self-catering accommodations, including apartments and cottages. Some of these units are conveniently located near the historic homestead on the main farm, namely the Garden Cottage, Loft Studio, Bottlebrush, and Gumtree. Guests in these accommodations can enjoy a refreshing swim in the garden’s swimming pool.

For those seeking a more secluded experience, the Hill Cottage and Faraway cottages are nestled amidst the untamed fynbos of the surrounding hills and come complete with private plunge pools.


Phone: +27 (0)23 625 1780 | Email: tanagra@tanagra.co.za

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