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Creation Wines truly shines with its seasonal and the most amazing food and wine pairing experiences. The moment you step inside, you’re in for a delightful treat. Innovation is at the core of their mission, driving sustainability and growth. It’s no surprise they earned an accolade as the 4th Best Vineyard in the esteemed World’s Best Vineyards list, also proudly claiming the title of the Best in Africa. 

With Riedel varietal-specific crystal glassware, innovative culinary creations and creative experiences like the aromas of waterblommetjie and Pinot Noir fragrances, they elevate the synergy of food, wine and creativity, adding a unique dimension to the overall experience.

The Serendipity Spring Flexitarian Wine and Food Pairing Menu comprises of six delectable taste sensations and are designed to awaken, stimulate, intrigue and refresh your senses, all with an alternative plant-based dish which is an absolute treat to experience. 

“Our menu offers a beautiful and thoughtfully chosen range of dishes eaten in sequence to optimise your blood sugar levels. A meal is always more memorable when it is a multi-sensory experience, and our dishes are enhanced by aromas from nature and our terroir.

“While our menu features the freshest and finest local fish, free-range chicken and game from sustainable sources, we also offer an exquisitely flavourful, equally nutritious, entirely plant-based menu. Up to 80% of our ingredients are sourced locally. Our menus are easy to navigate and create a match between your personal taste and a wellness experience.”

Wine and Food Pairing Menu

Our sensory journey started off with a gracious introduction of Creation’s Elation Cap Classique 2018. This exquisite Brut Nature is a harmonious blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, offering a crisp yet exuberant experience, accompanied by an elegant finesse. The fragrance of lemon blossom and dried apple wafts through, followed by subtle notes of freshly baked brioche. As you take that first sip, the palate unfolds with well-integrated flavours of grapefruit and dried apple, all beautifully complemented by fresh minerality. 

To excite the appetite for what lies ahead, a fresh umami-rich Seaweed crisp is paired with Creation Rosé 2023. The salty and umami flavours of the Seaweed Snack not only accentuate the wine’s mineral character but also gently evoke images of the nearby coastline, prompting thoughts of enjoying this wine with sushi or sipping it by the ocean, inhaling the refreshing sea breeze. The Rosé graces the glass with a delicate rose-gold hue, revealing subtle aromas of crushed strawberries, ripe nectarines and delicate flower petals. Its palate culminates with the invigorating essence of pomegranates and a graceful silkiness.

Chapter 1:

Creation Sauvignon Blanc - Minerality Rules!
Cucumber Booster
Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon - Ocean’s Gift
Zucchini, Nasturtium Pesto, Goat’s Milk Cheese, Sorrel

Zucchini, Nasturtium Pesto, Cashew Chevin, Sorrel (Plant-based option)

Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2023, with its alluring tropical fruit aromas, continues to charm on the palate, bringing forth a refreshing acidity that leaves a lasting, unforgettable impression. Smelling the fragrance of a passion fruit elevates the Sauvignon Blanc’s tropical essence. This wine was paired with a Cucumber Booster, providing a refreshing and soothing contrast to this vibrant wine.

Imagine holding a seashell to your ear, capturing the gentle sounds of waves meeting the shore. Now, picture yourself enjoying a glass of wine on the beach, serenaded by the rhythmic sounds of the waves and the sensation of sand beneath your feet. As you take that first sip of the wine, it’s like Ocean’s Gift, with the invigorating saltiness of the slightly wooded Creation Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, reminiscent of the fresh sea breezes. This is perfectly complemented by a grilled Zucchini, crowned with Nasturtium Pesto, Goat’s Milk cheese, or Cashew Chevin for those opting for a plant-based delight. A drizzle of turmeric oil and a garnish of Sorrel complete this culinary masterpiece.

Chapter 2:

Creation Viognier - Vivaldi in a Glass
Creation Viognier, Roussanne - Fun with Finesse
Cocktail Pickled Sosatie, Cape Seed Loaf

Cocktail Tofu Sosatie, Cape Seed Load (Plant-based option)

Joyful and vivacious is how the Creation Viognier 2022 is described as. It greets the senses with a refined bouquet, where fragrant white peach notes intermingle with a rich, creamy essence. These delightful aromas seamlessly transition to the palate, harmonizing with a refreshing minerality and well-integrated natural acidity.

In the case of the Creation Viognier Roussanne 2021 blend, its floral spectrum spans from fragrant white peach and dried pear to lively citrus blossom and aromatic jasmine. This finely crafted wine offers a balance of liveliness, elegance and finesse.

Both of these wines are paired with a skewer featuring a Pickled Quail Egg, Green Olive stuffed with Peppadew and a Sundried Tomato rolled around an Anchovy. For those opting for a plant-based alternative, the skewer showcases Smoked Tofu, a Green Olive stuffed with Peppadew and Capers enveloped in the Sundried Tomato. Accompanied by Lemon Zest, Creation Olive Oil and Gluten-Free Cape Seed Bread on the side, the idea is to de-skewer the dish, sprinkle the lemon zest, drizzle the olive oil, and savour the final bite with the bread to soak up all the flavours. This dish presents a delightful blend of umami flavours, perfectly complemented by the smooth texture of the egg to balance the wine’s acidity.

Chapter 3:

Creation Reserve Chardonnay - Absolutely Brilliant Chardonnay
Herbed Trout, Kohlrabi, Fennel

Herbed Artichoke, Kohlrabi, Fennel (Plant-based option)

The highlight of this chapter was the presentation of Chardonnay in the exquisite Riedel Crystal Chardonnay Glassware. The Chardonnay Reserve Chardonnay 2022, is a single-vineyard creation bursting with vibrant grapefruit and fragrant apple, kissed by a hint of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It matured in both new oak and second-filled barrels.

The “Art of Chardonnay” shines through its exclusive focus on site and barrel selection. With an elegant aroma of fresh lime, it also exudes opulence, offering enticing notes of warm butterscotch and almond. On the palate, it impresses with its creamy and exquisitely balanced profile, unveiling layers of flavour heightened by a refreshing minerality.

Our culinary journey was accompanied by Herbed Trout, paired with Pickled Kohlrabi and Fennel. A side of Aioli, Grilled Limes and Herb Sauce elevated the wine’s minerality, and the dish was garnished with trout caviar, fennel leaves and yellow mustard flowers. For the plant-based option, we were presented with perfectly Grilled Marinated Artichokes, served with Pickled Kohlrabi and Fennel, along with Aioli, Grilled Limes and Herb Sauce. This dish was exquisitely adorned with yuzu pearls, fennel leaves and yellow mustard flowers, creating a harmonious and delightful fusion of elements and flavours that delighted the palate.

Chapter 4:

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir - Red Velvet
Springbok, Maize, Chakalaka, Green Beans

Mushroom Sausage, Maize, Chakalaka, Green Beans (Plant-based option)

Nothing encapsulates South African heritage cuisine quite like a skewered Springbok resting gracefully on top of a traditional black potjie infused with impepho (indigenous African plant) for a smoky, braai-like essence. This enticing dish is deliciously paired with a bowl of creamy Maize Meal Pap and enriched by a flavourful Chakalaka, complemented with Grilled Fine Green Beans and Exotic Tomatoes. For those embracing a plant-based lifestyle, a delightful Mushroom Sausage takes the place of the Springbok.

To enhance the vibrant flavours of this cuisine, the velvety Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2022 was paired with this dish. With its fine, smooth texture, this wine reveals layers of dried fruit and subtle notes of piquant spice. The “Art of Pinot Noir” is showcased through its meticulous focus on a specific site and barrel selection, resulting in a wine characterised by a captivating shiny pomegranate seed red hue and a complex velvety texture accompanied by intricate spice and aromatic notes. It’s often referred to as the most charming Prince of Reds.

Chapter 5:

Creation Syrah, Grenache - Oh so Umami…
Lamb Roti, Waterblommetjie, Num-Num

King Oyster Roti, Waterblommetjie, Num-Num (Plant-based option)

In the spotlight is the Creation Reserve Syrah 2021, a wine that beautifully combines the generous notes of maraschino cherry and sun-dried peach with savoury black olive and a lingering hint of spice, resulting in a wine of exceptional complexity. It was lovingly aged for 18 months in barrels. The Creation Syrah Grenache 2022, on the other hand, captivates with its intense flavours of ripe plum, black pepper, tapenade and umami.

To accompany these intense flavours, we were treated to a culinary journey, with the wine’s ripe plum and black pepper notes as our guide. The experience was complemented by a delicious Lamb and Waterblommetjie Roti, served with Num-Num Chutney and garnished with a waterblommetjie flower, deep-fried ginger and micro coriander. For the plant-based option, the Lamb was thoughtfully replaced with King Oyster mushrooms.

Chapter 6:

Creation Fine Cape Vintage - Sweet Temptation
Tipsy Tart Twinki, Guava Gelato

The crowning delight of this exceptional Serendipity Spring Menu was the dessert, where Creation Fine Cape Vintage meets a Tipsy Tart Twinki for an irresistible Sweet Temptation. The velvety-soft Tipsy Tart, crafted from all-purpose gluten-free flour and vegan butter, was an absolute indulgence. It arrived with a glossy Orange Sauce on the side, accompanied by creamy Guava and Ginger Gelato, and topped with chopped roasted pecan nuts, preserved orange slices and delicate white confetti bush flowers.

The Creation Fine Cape Vintage, derived from Syrah grapes, harmonised perfectly. Just imagine the sweet allure of honeyed fruit, a subtle touch of black cherry, the lingering hint of anise and the spiciness of the Tipsy Tart, all coming together to create a harmonious medley of flavours. 

“It is a celebration of fine wine, fine cuisine and fine people,” says Creation co-owner and creative director, Carolyn Martin. “To me, the true enjoyment of fine wine is not only in the taste. It is in discovering the place where it was grown and all the hands and hearts that went into raising a vineyard and bringing the wine to your table. It takes fine people to make and enjoy fine wines. The same applies to fine food.”

A visit to Creation Wines is not complete without exploring the artistry of Nanette Ranger’s exquisite sculptures. Her creations, masterfully sculpted with finesse, add an element of artistic wonder to the natural beauty of the surroundings, seamlessly blending art with the beauty of nature. Each sculpture tells its own story and invites visitors to explore the intersection of art and nature, creating a truly captivating and memorable experience in the heart of the vineyard.

Nanette Ranger who says about her exhibition ‘Integration at Creation’: “It is a sculptural exploration of the natural synergies and synthesis of art, food and wine.”

Creation’s Serendipity Spring Menu can be enjoyed at R945 pp. 

It is advisable to book at, Tel: +27 28 212 1107 and specify your dietary requirements.

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