Estate tour and Indigenous Food and Wine Pairing at Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate

Situated along the picturesque Stellenbosch Wine Route, Vergenoegd Löw The Wine Estate lies 40 kilometers from Cape Town, situated by the Eerste River. The historic manor house offers panoramic views, with the Helderberg mountain range gracing the east and Table Mountain majestically positioned to the northwest.

Dating back to 1696, Vergenoegd Löw has roots traced to Dutch vrijburgher Pieter de Vos, who aptly named it Vergenoegd, translating to ‘contentment.’ With a rich history spanning 325 years, this estate intricately weaves tales of its owners, their families, slaves, Khoi laborers and the evolution of farm life across three centuries.

Clara’s Barn

Clara’s Barn, a true gem among the historic structures of the Cape, underwent a meticulous restoration in 2015, breathing new life into its weathered cobbled floor, rustic troughs, sturdy beams and thatched roof. From a state of disrepair, this barn now stands proudly as one of South Africa’s oldest barn but also a premier fine dining establishment, offering a haven for those seeking an elevated farm-inspired culinary experience.

This quaint locale bears the name of Mrs. Clara Löw, paying homage to the esteemed wife of owner Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Löw from Germany. Clara’s Barn becomes a canvas for celebrating the authenticity of indigenous South African cuisine, with a spotlight on the wine estate’s own award-winning Vergenoegd Low wines.

The Spa

This building was originally used as a dairy for milking cows and for slave quarters. Slavery in South Africa existed from 1653 in the Dutch Cape Colony until the abolition of slavery in the British Cape Colony on I January 1834.

After its restoration this building houses a relaxation room, a gym and a Spa. There is an undated bell tower on the estate. This was used to call workers, announce times for the working day and for important announcements. The Spa is available for guests staying at the Vergenoegd Low Boutique Hotel.


The four Deluxe Lodge Rooms find their place in the meticulously restored farm manager’s house, strategically situated within easy reach of Geuwels, Clara’s Barn, the spa and the gym. Embracing a modern classic style, these spacious bedrooms exude warmth with wooden floors, chenille rugs and a soothing palette of cream and grey, creating an instantly welcoming and homey ambiance.

For those seeking added seclusion, the four contemporary Vineyard Suites, a brief distance from the historic homestead, offer a retreat with floor-to-ceiling windows in both the lounge and bedroom, providing breathtaking views of the mountains and vineyards.

Luxury reaches its zenith in the indulgent sleeping arrangements of the Luxury Cottages. Two equally sized en-suite bedrooms feature extra-length king-size beds that effortlessly convert into twin beds, catering to personal comfort preferences. The en-suite bathrooms, true sanctuaries of relaxation, boast rejuvenating rain showers, elegant free-standing bathtubs and double basins. Designed for up to four guests, these cottages are more than accommodations; they are private sanctuaries reflecting the estate’s commitment to luxury, heritage, sustainability, and the epitome of wine country living. A seamless blend of indulgent relaxation and the immersive beauty of nature, crafted with the discerning traveler in mind.

As for the Presidential Suite, it stands as a true showstopper, offering opulence in every corner. The expansive and awe-inspiring interior finds its match in a sweeping veranda and an extensive pool deck boasting a 12 x 4-meter pool, jacuzzi, and outdoor shower.

The Terroir Of Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate

Located on a coastal plain a mere 4 km from the Atlantic shoreline, Vergenoegd Löw boasts one of the most strongly maritime influenced terroirs in the Stellenbosch appellation.

The landscape reflects the multitude of natural factors that eventually led to the formation of the terroir we see today, unequivocally shaped by the presence of the Eerste River, forming the natural eastern border of the property.

Springing from deep in the Jonkershoek Mountains this turbulent river brought with it many sediments that have been laid down over thousands of years to add several layers to the terroir of Vergenogd Löw. In combination with in situ marine geological formations and those sediments transported through coastal winds (Aeolian), the fluvial sediments create a myriad of soil types, each with its unique influence on the vine.

Deep bedded gravels and sands provide good rooting substrates while heavy clayey soils stifle excessive vigor and sustains plant water balances late in the season. However, the most unique feature in terms of soils is surely the rich shelly limestone deposits bringing life to soils previously covered in water. This is one of the only limestone deposits found within the viticultural area of Stellenbosch. From a viticultural perspective vine growing at

From angling row directions to the dominant wind direction to allow for the cool sea breeze to penetrate deep into the vineyard, to strictly planting vineyards to soil types creating natural polygons rather than industrially minded vineyard blocks. The winds not only cool the vineyards but also tame the vineyards in terms of vigor, allowing for balanced vine growth without intervention.

Lastly the cool and cloudy conditions associated with the proximity of the ocean leads to slow ripening, with optimal sun exposure without the danger of sunburnt fruit. All these attributes of this windswept terroir reflect in the glass as elegant wines, with notably fine tannin structure, fresh fruit profiles and a hint of saltiness to always entice one more sip.

Indigenous Food and Wine Pairing

Combining the authentic, indigenous and cultural food, it is a journey of discovery to explore the unusual flavour combinations and taste sensations. It awakens the senses and takes your palate on a journey.

What truly sets Vergenoegd apart is their unique location. A wine farm located in a delta adorned with limestone, a rarity in the winemaking landscape. Drawing parallels with Bordeaux, they share the same soil type, experience similar cold weather and embrace a slow ripening period. The result is a collection of wines celebrated for their elegance, impeccable structure and intricate complexity. An embodiment of a truly distinctive and refined experience.

Wine Tasting

Begin your journey with the Sauvignon Blanc, a wine featuring a blend of citrus notes that gracefully transition into ripe gooseberry and greengage flavours on your palate. This wine is all about elegance, a delightful texture, refreshing acidity, and a distinctive salinity that lingers on the finish.

Move on to the Chardonnay 2022, a classic and elegant expression. This wine unfolds with lemon highlights dancing alongside subtle lanolin undertones, creating a Chardonnay that captivates with its timeless charm.

Explore the unique taste of Dune Spinach, a creeping shrub found in coastal areas, especially near the sea. Locals use it as a vegetable in soups and stews due to its somewhat salty taste. Pairing it with the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay brings out vibrant flavours and livens up the wines.

Delve into Spekboom leaves, offering a juicy and crunchy taste with an acidic lemon flavour. Initially presenting a tannin taste, the longer you savour it, the more it softens, revealing a delightful soft greenness. This contrasts with the wines, which typically have minimal tannins, creating a harmonious balance.

Experience the Makataan, an edible wild watermelon indigenous to the Southern African region. Its presence smoothes and complements the wines. Additionally, try Mebos, crafted from dried apricots, providing a sweetly salty and sour element that enhances the flavours picked up in the Chardonnay.

Indulge in a unique treat with Buchu-infused Marshmallows. Buchu is known for its health benefits, and when paired with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, it adds an absolute divine touch, enhancing the wine’s notes in the wine.

On the red wines, we begin with the Shiraz 2021, a red wine that exudes softness and elegance. It greets you with a perfumed nose, unfolding into flavors of blackcurrant and plum, with chalky tannins rounding out the mouthfeel.

Next in line is the Malbec 2021, offering initial notes of black olive tapenade and a herbaceous edge, followed by subtle vanilla and a hint of aniseed.

Moving on to the Merlot 2021, this wine is juicy and generous, leading with blackberry flavours and accompanied by a hint of spice and gentle touches of tea leaf.

Now, consider the acquired taste of Bokkoms, known for its pungent aroma and strong flavour. Surprisingly, it complements the wines as you progress through the range.

For a classic South African pairing, indulge in Biltong and Droëwors, favourites that perfectly complement the red wines.

Concluding the Indigenous Food and Wine journey is the Cape Tawny, displaying a deep garnet glow. It offers a sensory experience with spiced black prunes on the nose and a delightful dusting of chocolate and ripe purple figs on the palate. This fortified wine strikes a harmonious balance between sugar and acid.

Contact Details

Phone number: 021 843 3248
Physical address: 1 Vergenoegd Road, Somerset West, Off R310, Stellenbosch Wine Route

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