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Looking for the ultimate escape to unwind, rejuvenate and recharge? Just a leisurely 2-hour drive from vibrant Cape Town, nestled between Robertson and Ashton, awaits theLAB Robertson. An enchanting blend of countryside serenity meets modern charm.

theLAB Robertson, a delightful Cape Dutch Guesthouse, invites you to leave the hustle and bustle behind and soak in breathtaking views that effortlessly enhance the already magical atmosphere. But here’s where the fun begins! Imagine commanding your room’s ambiance with just your voice. “Echo, close the blinds,” and like magic, they obey. “Echo, make the lights blue,” and suddenly your room transforms into a soothing sanctuary. “Echo, switch on the TV,” and voilà! Entertainment at your command. It’s like living in a futuristic fairytale designed to ensure your stay is nothing short of blissful.

With a total of 20 inviting rooms, including 12 nestled within the manor house and 8 secluded havens featuring private Jacuzzis, theLAB Robertson promises a blend of serenity and luxury like no other. Wake up to beautiful mountain views and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

Fuel your day with a scrumptious breakfast set in a magnificent setting or indulge in freshly prepared, homemade delights for lunch and dinner. Need some pampering? The Wellness Spa by the dam awaits, offering relaxing massages to enhance your tranquil retreat.

But wait, there’s more! theLAB Robertson isn’t just about relaxation. It’s about embracing leisure with a touch of hi-tech glamour. Sip on refreshing drinks at the outdoor bar by the shady pool, take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool, or soak in the sun on the deck while enjoying panoramic dam views rich with vibrant birdlife.

As night falls, let the symphony of frogs and crickets serenade you, setting the stage for a peaceful slumber. Wake up to the cheerful chirps of local birdlife, signaling another day of blissful relaxation.

theLAB Robertson is more than just a home away from home. It’s the ideal place for a tranquil escape, where you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy yourself in a warm and inviting environment, surrounded by peace and a hint of luxurious indulgence.

Contact details

theLAB Robertson, Klaas Voogds West, Robertson
Tel: 072 196 1117

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