Chef Wine and Dine | In Collaboration with Villiera Wines and The Goose Roasters

There is something magical about the Cape Winelands. Steeped in history and offering magnificent scenery and award-winning wines, exploring the Winelands is the perfect way to experience what the area has to offer.

What better way than to attend a Chef Wine and Dine dinner in collaboration with Villiera Wines and The Goose Roasters.

Villiera was one of the first producers of Méthode Cap Classique, commencing in 1984. The Griers collaborated with Jean-Louis from a French champagne house, for a period of two to three years, from which the Villiera Tradition was born. 

This family-owned estate was started in 1983 by Simon and Jeff Grier who immediately set about replanting varietals of a classic and local variety.

Once their cellar was up and running, production of Méthode Cap Classique and wines began. Aside from Cap Classique, they are known for their Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We were welcomed with a glass of Villiera Monro Brut 2012 and canapés on arrival.

Owner, Jeff Grier, gave us a background of the farm and how they pay attention to sustainability both on environmental side as well as social side.

Chef Beau from The Goose Roasters spoke about the dishes prepared and how each dish is perfectly paired and balanced to compliment the wine.


It has freshness and complexity with nutty flavours. Rich, creamy, yeasty nose, with a refreshing flavour on the middle palate developing finesse and complexity on the aftertaste. It is made up of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

A Prestige cuvee, produced whenever conditions favour the production of fine sparkling wine. The name is a family name which the Griers are proud to associate with their flagship.


Paired with: Villiera Bush Vine Blanc Fumé

Tom yum has its origin in Thailand. It is characterised by its distinct hot and sour flavours, with fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth. It is usually made with bird’s eye chillies. For this dish to pair with the wine, less chillies was added to balance the acidity in the wine. Made with shrimp paste, tamarind, palm sugar, tofu with poached chicken, prawns, deep fried garlic and egg noodles.


A Blanc Fumé literally means ‘smoky white’ but when used in SA, it means a wooded Sauvignon.100% Sauvignon Blanc. A structured wine shows the green pepper, fig and slightly smoky character was nicely complemented by some oak spice.


Paired with: Domaine Grier Alba

Chef Beau was challenged to pair a dish with a wine that shows great acidity and has characteristics of a red wine. It made him think of pickled ginger. Springbok rumb was seared off, not completely rare to get smokiness from the Springbok. It was marinated in soy and ginger, served with pickled ginger, ginger dressing, deep fried ginger, toasted sesame, wasabi emulsion, ginger lace cookies with candied lemon and ginger. The sweet and acidity in the rice helps to balance the acidity in the wine.


Domaine Grier, owned by the Grier Family of South Africa, is situated in the Roussillon Region and produces a range of Terroir specific wines. In 2016 they discovered a block of old vine Grenache Gris / Grenache Blanc that exists in the classic “black slate” soil of the Fenouillèdes. This wine expresses the natural minerality of the terroir. Aromas of peach and apricot with a hint of orange are supported by subtle oak and vanilla. The wine is soft but full bodied with a structured mouth feel and great length.


Paired with: Monro Merlot

42 Day matured sirloin, served with Pommes William which is a pear shaped potato made from mashed potato and other basic ingredients, some beautiful green autumn veggies such as edimame beans, peas and broccoli. Served with a jus and soubise sauce which is a sweet onion puree.


Monro Merlot is Villiera’s “Reserve” red bottled under the historic family name “MONRO”. It was the obvious choice of brand as it symbolizes the dedication and heritage that are hallmarks of this wine. Intensely aromatic with forthcoming berry fruit and hints of chocolate, spice and vanilla. It is well balanced with velvety texture but with enough grip to ensure good length. Complex wine of elegant structure, but retains a beautiful, bright red fruit vibrance.


Paired with: Dakwijn (Dessert Wine)

Traditional South African milk tart with sweetcorn and vanilla puree, served with sweetcorn sorbet, grilled sweetcorn, sweetcorn fritter and popped corn chips.


For the dakwijn Chenin Blanc was used. It was picked ripe and it was partially fermented before fortifying, leaving some residual sugar. To add to complexity and interest it was placed in jars on the tasting room roof for eight months. There it was madeirised in the sun and allowed to partially oxidise under a light flor veil.

After enough time in the jars it was placed in used barrels for a year and a half to settle. This is a 2017 vintage and their first vintage. We were very fortunate to be the first ones that got to taste this dessert wine. It has a nutty, savoury character with hints of caramel and spice.

If you want to join the next Chef Wine and Dine experience you can contact Lizelle Duim on:


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