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? Creation Tasting Room

The moment you enter the gates at Creation and you drive past luscious vineyards, rolling green valleys ready to impress you with mountains to set the background of a beautiful painting, then you know you are in for a treat. This is nature at its best and is nothing short of spectacular and it feels like heaven on earth.

The stairs leading you to the tasting room brims with character and immediately captivates you with an immaculate garden filled with fynbos, beautiful vibrant proteas and bright yellow pincushions with an array of birds enjoying their piece of paradise. Not to miss the interesting display of sculptures at every nook and corner.

? Stairs leading to the Tasting Room
? Various sculptures in the garden
? Guests outside Tasting Room having fun

We have visited Creation a few times before and every visit simply tops the previous visit. Creation is a foodie haven with a mouth-watering array of pairings specially designed for wine lovers and those who appreciates the finer things in life.

It’s a wine destination that purely ticks all the boxes when it comes to taking initiative and create innovative ways that takes them to the next level. From Canapé and Lunch to Wine Tasting and a Brunch Pairing, there is something for everyone to experience. Their Non-Alcoholic pairing option is amazingly aromatic with a divine tea and food pairing – perfect for non-wine drinkers or designated drivers to still join in on the fun experience without feeling FOMO.

How about a Chardonnay Gift Box? Filled with culinary delights. Or indulge in a Port Box perfectly paired with pralines, biscuits and toffees. The Creation Syrah Grenache Box is a treat and includes things like biltong, chakalaka, olive oil, dukkah and a Creation Bombay Mix to pair with this complex Rhône-style blend with its rich umami character.

? Creation Syrah Grenache Box
? Creation Port Box
? Creation Chardonnay Box


We opted for the Healthy Heritage Pairing Menu which comprises of six courses. A truly unique taste adventure using the freshest local produce available.

What’s amazing is that something so traditional can be made healthy without the guilt, but still leaves you satisfied with flavours that are dancing in your mouth. It’s all gluten- and dairy-free, and the best of all is that the desserts contain no sugar yet so delicious. In creating the menu, the team worked with a doctor who is a nutritionist and a specialist in general wellbeing.

? Creation Tasting Room Interior

Each dish is specially designed and created by a different chef in the kitchen sharing their cultural diversity by incorporating exciting flavour and texture combinations. Based on the belief that what grows together, goes together, the Heritage Menu showcases a variety of nostalgic tastes and textures with the emphasis on innovation and initiative.

We started off with a glass of Creation Chenin Blanc 2020. Crisp and refreshing with tropical and green notes. The palate greets you with delicious flavours of green apple, citrus, some stone fruit and ginger. A cool-climate Chenin Blanc as remarkable in its purity as it is in its joyous complexity. 100% Chenin Blanc. Whole bunch pressed and barrel fermented for 7 months in older French oak barrels.

? Creation Chenin Blanc 2020
? Enjoying a glass of Chenin Blanc

Chapter 1: PASSION

Chapter 1 of the menu features Chef Abongile’s traditional Xhosa dish, Umfino. It’s a combination of imifino (African leafy vegetables that grow wild) and pap or maize meal and is a favourite Xhosa dish much loved for its nutritional value. A dish which reminds him of his mother’s wise words: “Always watch where you walk as there are many valuable plants that can be used in Umfino. If people in South Africa know about this healthy dish, there would be less hunger.”

Abongile added his twist to the dish with crispy and tender charred broccoli, peppadews, sunflower seeds, goat’s milk cheese, and a variety of herbs and greens. Who would have thought that broccoli could be so delicious? All the flavour components in this dish marries together to perfectly pair with the crisp, fresh Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2021.

? Umfino, Charred Broccoli, Goat’s Milk Cheese, Peppedews

Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Light lemon yellow in colour with a tinge of green. Enticing aromas of tropical fruit combined with minerality. This follows through on the palate with a crisp acidity and leaves you with a lingering, memorable aftertaste. It is definitely one of my favourite Sauvignon Blancs from the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Some comes across as a bit green with green-grassy aftertaste, but Creation Sauvignon Blanc is smooth and well-balanced. Delightful and so refreshing.

? Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2021


Chef Anthean’s childhood inspired Chapter 2 which features an inventive Fish Seedloaf Bunny Chow filled with lightly curried fish. It is a walk down memory lane for this chef and a tribute to the yummy plates of curry of his childhood. The dish reflects various exciting culinary cultures, including Cape Malay Pickled Fish, Cape Seedloaf, and Indian Mango Achar. The plating is beautifully presented to ensure every bite is flavourful and moreish with mango archar on the side to elevate this dish to another level. You don’t have to be in Durban to enjoy this dish!

This dish is so flavoursome, aromatic and the light spices and curry sauce adore the Creation Viognier 2021 to enhance the fruit aromatics and creamy mouthfeel of the wine.

? Fish Seedloaf Bunny Chow

Creation Viognier 2021

This wine is delightful on the nose showing expressive fruity and floral notes. Fragrant peach and apricot aromas mingle with a subtle sprinkling of nutmeg which on the lively palate combines seamlessly with crisp minerality. The Creation Viognier is a vivacious wine, abundantly fruity and forthcoming yet elegant and refined.

Creation was the first in the Hemel-en-Aarde with a Viognier vineyard. The vines are planted on the coolest, south-facing slopes which are ideal for the cultivation of Viognier. 100% Viognier and fermented in stainless steel tanks and matured on fine less for 2-3 months.

? Creation Viognier 2021

Chapter 3: ALCHEMY

For the next chapter, Chef Eleanor’s Suurvygie, Strawberry Sorghum Salad is not only scrumptious but has a wealth of health benefits as sorghum is a source of no less than 12 nutrients. The presentation is in a little cup on top of a plate the shape of a leaf.

Not only is sorghum immensely nutritious, but the organic rooibos and suurvytjie (sour fig leaves) is refreshing and act as a palate cleanser and is beautifully complemented by the big berry bouquet of the vivacious Creation Rosé 2021.

? Suurvygie, Strawberry, Sorgham Salad

Creation Rosé 2021

Beautifully rose gold in colour. Aromatic and vibrant rosé that comprises of Grenache Noir and a dash of Viognier. Enchanting aromas of berries and rosebud with a well-balanced palate. The berry fruit follows through, beautifully offset by hints of stone-fruit. Vivaciously crisp with a cool-climate freshness, yet soft and round with a lingering aftertaste.

? Creation Rosé 2021
? Creation Rosé 2021

Chapter 4: CHARISMA

Nothing speaks heritage quite like waterblommetjies. It’s a small water flower indigenous to South Africa. The seasonal flowers grow on Creation’s lake and Chef Jean harvests them to create a delicious and creamy Waterblommetjie Risotto served with home-grown Num Num pickle.

This dish is all about aromas and textures, with waterblommetjie purée stirred through the rice, sautéed, and dried and fried crisp for intense flavour. No dish is more satisfying than a creamy risotto. A taste sensation that pairs perfectly with Creation Pinot Noir.

? Waterblommetjie Risotto

Creation Pinot Noir 2021

Delicate aromas of violet with hints of raspberry and a generous pinch of spice on the nose. The palate is rewarded with beautiful red berry flavours with great tannin structure and is well balanced.

? Creation Pinot Noir 2021

Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2020

The Reserve is a vineyard selection, traditional skin fermentation and post fermentation marceration, followed by malolactic fermentation in the barrels. This is a deep wine, both in colour and complexity. A bouquet of fruit and floral notes lead to a full-bodied palate that adds earthy mushroom flavours to the fruity plum and cherry layers. Soft, supple tannins contribute to the dense structure.

? Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2020

Creation Art Of Pinot Noir

The Art is a vineyard and Barrel selection, traditional skin fermentation and post fermentation maceration, followed by malolactic fermentation in the barrels. Shiny, deep pomegranate-seed red with a robust bouquet of rose petal, dark cherry, pimento and anise. Complex and utterly enchanting on the palate: opulent layers of cherry and plum mingling with earthy flavours of mushroom and an elegant sprinkling of spice.

? Creation Art of Pinot Noir
? Creation Art of Pinot Noir

Creation Emma’s Pinot Noir 2019

Emma Martin was only 11 years old when she wowed the wine world with her first Pinot Noir. Now, at the age of 16, she delights in bringing you the second remarkable vintage under her name. Specially selected clone 115 Pinot Noir grapes underwent wild-yeast fermentation and in line with Creation’s approach of minimal intervention, no fining or filtration took place. A mere 800 bottles were released, making each a collector’s piece.

? Creation Emma’s Pinot Noir 2019
? Creation Emma’s Pinot Noir 2019

Chapter 5: RESONANCE

Chapter 5 of this journey takes us to a succulent Rack of Lamb and Chakalaka. What will a South African heritage menu be without a lamb cutlet?

Succulent Overberg lamb smoked with rooibos and wild rosemary is served with Macerated Tomato and Chakalaka Sauce (a spicy relish that originates from South Africa’s heritage). Small crunchy kaiings (crispy little blocks of fat) is sprinkled for a bit of extra texture. Who doesn’t love these crispy bombs? Chef Jean’s dish is partnered with the umami-rich Creation Syrah, Grenache.

? Rack of Lamb and Chakalaka

Creation Syrah Grenache 2020

Rhône-style blend. Traditional skin fermentation followed by malolactic fermentation for 14 months in barrels. In the glass, the wine is a deep almost Indian ink at the heart which pales out to a purple tinged ruby at the edges. The aromas are of dark fruits, black olive tapenade and whiffs of pepper. The palate is rich round and generous, from entry there is a refreshing line of acidity.

? Creation Syrah Grenache 2020

Creation Reserve Syrah 2018

This is Elegant in big bold letters. 100% Syrah and spent 18 months in French oak. This elegant single-block syrah is a deep-coloured, almost black royal purple, with an intense aroma to match, cherry and green pepper with a hint of violet. Smooth with a fresh minerality and a long finish giving a taste of aniseed and cloves.

? Creation Reserve Syrah 2018

Chapter 6: DÉJÀ VU

The sixth and final chapter is for the sweet tooth. Delightful without being overly sweet. A trio of desserts made by Chef Marcel. What is more South African than Koesister, Malva and Milktart?

The Koesister is light and gluten-free and is one of Chef Marcel’s family favourites. “My mother taught me how to make them and we used to enjoy them on a Sunday morning for breakfast.”

The Malva pudding contains no sugar and is made from sweet potato! The Milk tart is dairy-free. Three guilt-free pleasures so addictive, they are impossible to resist. The freshness of the Chardonnay, with its citrus notes, is a perfect pairing to these delightful desserts and the perfect ending to an amazing Healthy Heritage Menu.

? Koesister, Malva, Milk Tart

Creation Chardonnay 2021

Barrel fermentation took place for 10 months. The beautifully fresh Creation Chardonnay is slightly more fruit-driven than the other with generous quince, pear and peach aromas and flavours, enhanced by fresh minerality and hints of vanilla.

? Creation Chardonnay 2021

Creation Reserve Chardonnay 2020

From a single vineyard, the Creation Reserve Chardonnay has complex aromas of fragrant lime blossom and fresh grapefruit, honeycomb and cinnamon. The palate is also complex with intergrated flavours of butter, almonds, ripe stone fruit and savoury spice. Spent 10 months in French oak with maloacfic conversion.

? Creation Reserve Chardonnay 2020

Creation Art Of Chardonnay

Single-site specific and barrel selection – individually numbered bottles. Spent 10 months in barrels. This wine has a more complex, creamy, deep notes with delicate leesy biscuit notes, warm butterscotch and almond intertwines with fresh lime and delicate quince on the nose. Complex yet elegant on the exquisitely balanced palate where rich vanilla pod and peach are contrasted by vibrant pear and bracing minerality. This Chardonnay is next level.

? Creation Art of Chardonnay

Creation Glenn’s Chardonnay 2020

Glenn Martin is the fourth generation winemaker in the Martin and Finlayson families. This natural ferment wine was made from specially selected, clone 96 Chardonnay grapes. Only 600 bottles will to be released. Attractive bouquet of pear, peach and citrus while the palate has a dense core of fruit and punchy acidity with a beautiful finish.

? Creation Glenn’s Chardonnay 2020

Six chapters, six courses, showcasing Creation’s award-winning wines. The journey took us on a delightful fusion trip mixed with cultures and backgrounds. All the dishes and wines can be ordered individually. Click here to download the full menu.

An unforgettable afternoon well spent in the company of Carolyn Martin, sharing her insights and her immense wine knowledge. Her elegance, finesse and attention to detail are all part of what makes Creation so special. Although we have visited Creation a few times before, this is certainly not my last and will definitely be back again!

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