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Nebbiolo, pronouced [neb-ee-YO-low], is often referred to as the King of Italian grapes. It is a red wine that originated in the region of Piemonte in Northern Italy. A region that is known for Barolo and Barbaresco wine.

It derives from the Italian word – nebbia which means fog, which is common during the fall when the nebbiolo grape is harvested.

It is high in tannins and acids. The wines show red cherry, red plum and strawberry, backed by floral notes like rose petals, violet and dried herbs. With age, Nebbiolo’s tannins soften and its flavour profile develops notes of mushroom, tobacco, leather and tar.

1985 is the first great modern vintage of Barolo and Barbaresco. Just like Barolo, Barbaresco is produced exclusively with Nebbiolo. While Barbaresco is often considered slightly less tannic with great fruit notes than wines from Barolo, many Barbaresco wines can be just as powerful and age-worthy.

About Produttori del Barbaresco

Founded in 1958, the Produttori del Barbaresco is a winery cooperative in the town of Barbaresco. It is known as one of the best wineries for quality and value in the Langhe region of Italy. At Produttori del Barbaresco, the focus is 100% on Nebbiolo.

The Barbaresco is a blend from the Produttori’s vines in 9 different vineyards in the town of Barbaresco. This blending adds complexity to what is a classic bottle of Barbaresco; the wine consistently gives excellent quality for the price.

The first few vintages of the cooperatives wines were produced in the basement of a nearby church. Eventually a winery was built and dedicated to the production of single-varietal Nebbiolo wines of Barbaresco.

Barbaresco’s full body and intense flavours mean it can age for many years to soften its tannins and bring out the subtle notes of tobacco, mushroom and earth.

A bottle of Barbaresco goes perfect with rich dishes such as lasagne or a delicious ragu, making it a delicious option for any wine lover.

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