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For Chardonnay lovers, Louisvale in the Devon Valley is an absolute haven. This charming estate caters to the tastes of Chardonnay lovers with its exceptional range of wines. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, the estate boasts 280-degree views, complementing the historic beauty of the Devon Valley.

At Louisvale, the focus is not only on crafting exceptional wines but also on providing a complete experience for visitors. The estate offers a range of services and activities, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

One of the highlights of Louisvale is its versatility in hosting special occasions. The enchanting setting makes it an ideal venue for weddings, where couples can exchange vows against a backdrop of natural beauty. Moreover, the estate caters to various functions, ensuring that each event is tailor-made to suit the specific requirements and preferences of guests.

The history of the region dates back to the time of the Nomadic Khoekhoen, whose domed structures were crafted from Taaibos laths, covered with woven reed mats and animal skins. During the seasons, they adapted their lifestyle, residing inland during winter and moving to the coastal zone in summer to relish seafood like Perlemoen and Allekrik. In the 17th Century, European Colonialists arrived in the area, bringing vines and oak trees and erecting charming white lime-washed houses with gabled roofs reflecting their cultural heritage.

Drawing inspiration from this rich historical tapestry, the design rationale behind Louisvale seamlessly marries these elements with contemporary architecture. The Rheinzink cladding gracefully mimics the shape and texture of the Khoekhoen reed mat hut, supported by curved steel rails and connected by floating glass on a polished concrete floor infused with Perlemoen shell chips. The Rheinzink dome acts as a shield against prevailing Southerly winds, floating above a low concrete roof plated with Restios, which further echoes the thatched roof of the 1924-built Neo Cape Dutch style homestead.

Louisvale Wines offers a tasting room experience like no other. Situated within a century-old Manor house, the winery has taken a contemporary twist, where historical influences meet modern design elements.

The tasting room adjacent to the Venue, boasts a captivating wooden deck that overlooks the lush Devon Valley, creating a truly picturesque setting for wine enthusiasts.

Catering to all tastes and budgets, Louisvale offers an array of wines under its Louisvale Range. The unique terroir of the estate, with its distinctive geography, geology, and climate, ensures the cultivation of some of the country’s finest Chardonnays, captivating wine connoisseurs from far and wide. For everyday indulgence, wine enthusiasts can explore Louisvale’s Stone Road Range. Consistently delivering the exceptional quality that Louisvale is renowned for, this range offers a delightful selection of wines for every day or casual enjoyment.

At Louisvale, the delightful experience extends beyond the world of wines. The estate boasts a charming restaurant that caters to guests from breakfast through to lunch. Louisvale keeps things perpetually fresh by updating their menu monthly. The team focuses on crafting fresh and homemade dishes, tantalizing the taste buds of visitors.


Louisvale MCC Chardonnay/Pinot Noir Rose Brut

This vibrant pink Rosé of 50/50 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay delivers aromas of freshly crushed strawberries and cherries on the nose. On the palate the bubbles are fine and the foam persistent with flavours that are reminiscent of fresh, crisp red berries.

Stone Road Cinsault Rose 2022

It offers a delightful dry profile with lively notes of red berries and watermelon, creating a refreshing and flavourful experience.

Louisvale Chavant 2022

A Chardonnay with subtle oak influence, the name “Chavant” symbolises Chardonnay moving forward. Aged for four months in French oak barrels, it achieves a delicate harmony between zesty citrus, creamy vanilla and white peach notes. The aroma brings hints of butterscotch and citrus to the forefront.

Louisvale Chardonnay 2022

The hallmark wine of Louisvale. The aroma is richly intricate, showcasing refined scents of lemon blossom, pineapple, apricot, along with toasty and spicy nuances. The palate is velvety and creamy, leaving a lasting finish. Grapes for this exceptional wine were meticulously chosen from various sections of Louisvale’s vineyards. Following hand harvesting and gentle pressing, the wine underwent 100% barrel fermentation and aged for 8 to 10 months in oak barrels.

Louisvale Merlot 2021

Matured for a year in French Oak barrels, this Merlot presents a velvety, seamless palate with abundant notes of ripe plum and mulberry, complemented by gentle oak hints and supple, mature tannins.

Louisvale Cabernet Sauvignon 2021

Aged for a year in French Oak Barrels, this wine boasts an expressive aroma filled with dark berries, blackcurrant and plum aromas. The fruit character is intense and vivid, intertwined with subtle oak notes, velvety, succulent tannins and culminating in a well-structured, lingering finish.

Louisvale Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Edition 2020

A result of meticulous craftsmanship, the Limited Edition Cabernet Sauvignon was carefully aged in French oak barrels for a duration of 18 months. Crafted from premium grapes, it unveils a lavish amalgamation of deep black fruit flavours, finely sreuctured tannins and luxuriously pronounced oak nuances.

Louisvale The Boris 2020

A display of elegance and intricate layers, this wine truly captures the quintessential qualities of five renowned French varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec. The aroma dances with notes of cherry and cassis, enriched by hints of tobacco and cedar wood. The palate showcases a harmonious blend of juicy red and black fruits, seamlessly interwoven with refined, integrated tannins.

Louisvale Five Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Derived from a careful selection of five chosen barrels, this wine exudes strength, concentration, and opulence, presenting flavours reminiscent of black currant, dark chocolate and subtle notes of cedar and cigar box. Its refinement is owed to a 20-month maturation period in French oak barrels.


For early risers and those seeking a scrumptious morning meal, the restaurant opens its doors for breakfast at 08:30, serving delectable dishes until 11:30. Whether you prefer a hearty breakfast to start your day or something light and refreshing, the breakfast menu at Louisvale has something to suit all tastes.

During lunchtime, the restaurant offers an array of options to please every palate. The lunch menu features an enticing selection of appetisers, sumptuous mains, and delectable desserts. Guests can enjoy a delightful culinary journey while taking in the picturesque views of the Devon Valley.

For those looking to embark on an exceptional culinary adventure, Louisvale presents a Tasting Menu during lunchtime. This carefully curated menu showcases the finest flavors and creations from the talented kitchen, providing a truly unforgettable dining experience.


Starting our lunch, there’s nothing quite like an Amuse Bouche featuring a Goats Cheese Onion tart with fig, alongside a Soft Pretzel.

For our appetisers, we opted for the Sweetcorn “Pap” Tart, accompanied with a side of home made Chakalaka, as well as Garlic Mushrooms and Herbed Cream Cheese. Our second selection comprised Dumplings filled generously with Five Spice Cabbage, resting in a Curry Broth and garnished with Coriander, Spring Onion, Sesame Oil and Toasted Peanuts.

From the Mains selection, a Rack of Lamb was presented alongside Pumpkin Pie, Garlic Potatoes, Grilled Spring Onion, Peas and Lamb Jus to marry the flavours together. Another delightful choice consisted of a comforting Lentil Curry, featuring a medley of Chickpeas, Spinach, Mushrooms, Cauliflower, Crispy Tofu, Naan and Vegan Coconut Yoghurt.

The dessert stole the spotlight, offering a creative twist on Milk Tart. We enjoyed a delightful Vanilla Souffle, perfectly baked and served with Roasted White Chocolate & Cinnamon Anglaise, accompanied by Condensed Milk Ice Cream. Our next choice gravitated towards the South African Sweet Plate, a delightful array comprising Cape Malay Koesister, Hertzoggie, Lamington and Gulab Jamun.

Whether you visit Louisvale for a leisurely breakfast, indulge in a satisfying lunch, or explore the the range of wines, the restaurant at Louisvale is the perfect complement to the estate’s exceptional wines and breathtaking surroundings. It’s a place where food and wine lovers can revel in a harmonious blend of flavours and hospitality, leaving with unforgettable memories of a remarkable dining experience.

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