Sorbet and Wine Pairing at Koelenhof Wine Cellar

Stay and Play Summer in Stellenbosch

Looking to treat yourself to a Sorbet and Wine Pairing in Stellenbosch? A visit to Koelenhof for wine tasting is sure to be a memorable experience for any newcomer to wines or to even the most experienced of wine connoisseurs.

Enjoy yourself in a day of leisure with family or friends, surrounded by breathtaking views. Koelenhof offers an ideal setting for a Stay and Play Summer in Stellenbosch, inviting you to explore the diverse offerings of this winery.

Koelenhof Cellar finds its home in the heart of the Stellenbosch region, an area celebrated for its diverse soils and favourable climate, providing an ideal environment for cultivating a variety of grape varietals.

In 1941, a group of forward-thinking grape growers identified the promise held in the fertile soils and favorable climate of Stellenbosch. This collective vision led to the establishment of Koelenhof Winery as a cooperative, with Pieter Hugo De Vries appointed as its inaugural manager and winemaker. The roots of Koelenhof delve deep into the synergy of passionate grape cultivators who foresaw the potential of the Stellenbosch terroir.

The grapes used for the wines are sourced from various wine farms within the area, each with distinct wine labels. Koelenhof represents their lifestyle range, marking the winery’s inaugural label dating back to 1941. Additionally, Koelenbosch encompasses their classic range, alongside the prestigious gold range, known as Stellenbosch Gold, designated as their export label. Notably, their award-winning wines fall under the Stellenbosch 1679 label.

Koelenhof Cellar Tours

For those seeking more than just a wine tasting, Koelenhof’s cellar tours offer a passport into the heart and soul of winemaking. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or a curious newcomer, the journey through Koelenhof’s cellars promises to deepen your appreciation for the artistry that transforms grapes into the elixir of life.

Koelenhof Cellar’s cellar tours offer a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the meticulous process of crafting their acclaimed wines. As you step into the cool, dimly lit cellars, you’re immediately surrounded by the aromas of ageing wine and the soft echoes of winemaking history.

The barrel room stands as a cathedral of wine, where oak barrels become the custodians of flavour. Knowledge are shared into the significance of different barrels and how they contribute to the unique profiles of Koelenhof’s wines.

An exclusive feature of Koelenhof’s cellar tour is the opportunity to witness the art of bottling right on the premises. The rhythmic hum of machinery and the meticulous choreography of skilled workers bring the bottling process to life. Witnessing this final step in the winemaking journey adds an extra layer of appreciation for the craftsmanship involved.


Koelenhof’s innovative KOEL-tainer presents an ideal solution for parents seeking a recreational haven for their children. This enclosed play space boasts engaging features such as slides, a jungle gym as well as a designated track for kids to joyfully ride trucks or bicycles. Meanwhile, parents can relish a moment of relaxation, indulging in a delightful cheese platter or yummy roosterkoek accompanied by a glass of wine. Picnic packets are also available providing an ideal family-friendly destination.

Tasting Room

Indulge in the delicious offerings at this winery, where choices abound. Opt for the Standard Wine Tasting to savour their award-winning wines, or elevate your experience with the decadent pairing of handmade Belgian chocolates and wine.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, explore the Bubbly & Treat Pairing or the ever-popular Sorbet, Gelato and Wine Pairing. Children can also partake in a delightful KOEL Kids Grape Juice Tasting. Additionally, enhance your visit by combining the Standard Tasting with a Cellar tour, with bookings required 24 hours in advance, exclusively available from Mondays to Fridays at 11h00 and 14h00.

Our Tasting Room Experience

We started off with Koelenhof Cellar Vin-Sec Sparkling Wine Pinotage Rosé. It’s a sparkling wine of enchanting pink hue, characterised by the delightful fragrance of strawberries and raspberries. These enticing aromas gracefully transition to the palate, accompanied by subtle undertones reminiscent of candy floss.

Sorbet, Gelato and Wine Pairing

6 wines paired with 4 types of sorbet and 2 types of gelato.

Pairing 1 features the 1679 Bush Vine Chenin Blanc, a wine that marked the inception of their journey over 30 years ago. The “1679” on the labels pays homage to the founding year of Stellenbosch by Simon Van Der Stel. Planted in 1982, this vineyard is a cherished part of the Stellenbosch Heritage vineyard and has matured for 10 months in oak. Aromas of yellow apples, white pear and a subtle hint of honey on the nose, culminating in a refreshing finish. This wine is expertly paired with a Granadilla Sorbet, enhancing the tropical fruitiness on the palate and complementing the wine’s notes of yellow apples, resulting in a well-rounded mouthfeel.

Pairing 2 showcases a Dry Pinotage Rosé, crafted by allowing the skins to interact with the juice for approximately 6 to 7 hours. This intricately hued pink Rosé stands out as a refreshing summer delight, offering delightful aromas of strawberries and Turkish Delight, along with subtle notes of candy floss on the palate. The perfect complement to this is the Berries of the Forest Sorbet, a harmonious medley of assorted red berries designed to elevate the inherent strawberry and raspberry flavours of the Rosé.

Pairing 3 introduces Koelnektar, a naturally sweet wine crafted from Gewürztraminer grapes, skillfully blended with a touch of Hanepoot. Delight in the aromatic symphony of litchi, passion fruit and subtle spice with floral notes. The palate unfolds with the sweetness of pineapple, delivering a harmoniously balanced mouthfeel. This aromatic wine finds its perfect match in the Lemon Sorbet, where the zesty lemon flavours accentuate the litchi and floral undertones, beautifully tempering the wine’s gentle spiciness.

Pairing 4 features a Sangiovese, an Italian varietal renowned for its delightful aromas and a subtle hint of spiciness. Revel in the palate’s symphony of vibrant strawberry, blackcurrantand cherry, complemented by a beautifully rounded tannin structure. This full-flavoured wine finds its ideal companion in a Chocolate Gelato, where the richness of milk chocolate enhances the cherry and red fruit flavours, creating a harmonious and delightful pairing.

Pairing 5 highlights their acclaimed Pinotage, aged for 18 months in oak, revealing rich cherry notes and subtle hints of sweet caramel aromas. This full-bodied Protage boasts a robust tannin structure, accompanied by flavors of coffee and dark chocolate that provide a well-rounded experience. Paired impeccably with a Milk Tart Pop—cinnamon-flavoured gelato encased in chocolate—the smooth mouthfeel beautifully complements the coffee and chocolate aromas of the wine, creating a delectable South African fusion of Milk Tart and Pinotage.

Pairing 6 concludes with the Pinorto, a Cape Vintage Port made from Pinotage sourced from old bush vines in prime Stellenbosch vineyards. Exhibiting a well-balanced profile with nutty-caramel nuances, it culminates in a silky finish. This Cape Vintage Port finds its perfect match in a Blueberry Gelato, where the subtle sourness of the blueberries enhances the stewed fruit and caramel flavours of the wine.


Renowned for the freshly made roosterkoek. Opt between a diverse array of toppings, including luscious jam, delectable cheese, flavourful biltong paté or savoury salami, allowing you to customise your roosterkoek experience with a range of delicious flavours and textures.

Experience a fulfilling Stay and Play Summer in Stellenbosch at Koelenhof Cellar, where the delectable sorbets and gelatos not only cool down the moments, but also infuse the experience with delightful flavours, leaving you with a heartwarming and satisfying memories.

Contact Details

Phone number: 021 865 2020
Physical address: Koelenhof Wine Cellar (Pty) Ltd, Koelenhof Wine Cellar, R304, Koelenhof, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, 7605, South Africa

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