BeerExperience at Newlands Brewery

Washington Irving would say “Those who drink beer, will think beer”.

Newlands Brewery is the oldest operating brewery in South Africa and is was established in 1820. Today the Newlands Brewery, brews 9 famous brands, each one specially crafted, have become very popular amongst the local beer-lovers and international visitors alike.

The Brewery uses the finest 100% pure natural spring water in every single one of their legendary and award-winning brews. Only the finest ingredients are used in the brewing process. The barley, maize and hops used at Newlands Brewery are certified as non-GMO, which means that they are not genetically modified in any way.

While we are all under lockdown to help flatten the curve and uncertain of what tomorrow unfolds, why not experience the making of beer by taking a tour of Newlands Brewery once restriction has been lifted and get a taste of history?

A fully guided #BeerExperience tour will take you on a journey and you will be taken on a journey of modern-day brewing methods and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making beers. You learn all about beer from the beginning as a grain, to the end result of a refreshing liquid of gold that needs no special occasion.

The duration of the tour is about an hour and it also includes the process making of their speciality, craft beer – Newlands Spring Brewing Co.

The tour ends with a full beer tasting sampling their freshest, finest beers and it includes two free drinks per person.

? Comfortable flat shoes are a must
? Not wheelchair friendly

Tours at Newlands Brewery are a fabulous way to combine culture, history and some of South Africa’s finest craft beers in one fun adventure. Make a booking after lockdown has been lifted. Afterall, who can resist an ice cold beer!

Contact: 021 658 7440

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