Perdeberg’s latest Lighthearted range leads the way this summer with new low alcohol offering

One of the biggest trends the food and drinks industry has seen grow over the past year is that of the market exploring low-alcohol drinks. Whether you’re fully ‘sober curious’, or just looking for a lighter alternative to your regular tipple, respected winery Perdeberg’s newest Lighthearted range is what you should be drinking this summer.

After an unpredictable year, one thing has remained constant in 2020 – the growing rise in popularity of low-alcohol beverages. What likely began as a by-product of ‘Dry January’, whereby participants give up alcohol for the month of January, has now made its way into mainstream drinking trends and looks like it’s here to stay. With Forbes estimating that roughly 65% of UK young adults have reduced, or are trying to reduce, their alcohol intake, there’s no denying there’s a shift away from bingeing and excess.

This is also seemingly inspired by the ‘conscious consumption’ movement, as young adults gravitate towards wanting to know more – and be more discerning – of what’s going into their bodies. This trend also includes a growing demand for more plant-based or meat-free options, cleaner or more responsibly sourced ingredients and more emphasis on sustainable packaging. Millennials, in particular, are seeking out healthier lifestyle habits.

Which is not to say that this group is enjoying life any less than their drinking counterparts. This simply means these consumers are looking for lighter, easier-drinking options without the buzz. In some cases, they’re after a low-alcohol option that could see them through a longer event, such as a wedding or a festival. Or perhaps they’re just looking to lighten their calorie or sugar intake.

One of the biggest discussions to come out of this ‘mindful drinking’ movement is why participants don’t just simply drink water or soft drinks. But just because someone is trying to reduce their alcohol intake, doesn’t mean they don’t still enjoy the taste of wine. We all relish that glass of wine at the end of a long hard day and switching to a lower alcohol version means there’s less risk of feeling it in the morning.

Whatever the reason is, the Lighthearted range ticks every box, with a wine to suit every palate. The range, which is made up of a chenin, a cinsault rosé and a pinotage, also features two vegan-friendly wines, catering even further to the mindful consumer. The beauty of this range is that there’s no compromise – not on the flavour of the wines, not on the social events, not on any lifestyle choices. Choosing Lighthearted means that you’re still able to enjoy an elegant and refreshing wine, with less of the guilt. The wines were also crafted with easygoing summer vibes in mind and are intended to be enjoyed chilled, served alongside a fresh salad or grilled fish.

Even the pinotage, traditionally a heavy winter varietal, can be chilled – and should be – for the ultimate juicy red. The red is also, along with the cinsault rose, vegan-friendly, which caters to the ethical, plant-based consumer even further. When planning your summer wine lineup, Perdeberg’s Lighthearted is the obvious choice for an all-round refreshing tipple.

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