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There’s nothing quite like a padstal experience on a road trip. The thrill of pulling over for a pitstop, whether it is to grab a bite to eat, buying a souvenir or stretch your legs, it is an enchanting experience. Each padstal adds their own flavour and flair, that takes you back in time with their arrangements of beautiful vintage and antique items.

Veldskoen Padstal (“farm stall”) is situated in De Doorns along the N1. It is decorated with beautiful furniture and it is a treasure trove of quirky, interesting things and it offers a variety of tasty goodies. You simply cannot drive by without stopping here. You won’t be disappointed at all!

The restaurant has tables indoor in between the interesting arrays of different items as well as an outside gardened area behind the stall, with the perfect spot to relax from driving whilst enjoying a cup of coffee or something to snack on.

Jacques Le Roux (chef)

The quality of the food on the menu speaks for itself. Jacques, who used to work for Gordon Ramsay, creates some outstanding dishes. His focus is to keep the menu uncomplicated with fresh, local produce and changes the menu at least twice a year. His signature dish is of course his lamb shank. Yes, you can find a delicious fall-of-the bone, full flavour lamb shank in a padstal in the middle of nowhere! You can read all about it from my previous trip here.

The menu offers anything from breakfasts, sandwiches, light lunches to burgers, salads and something for the sweet tooth. Not to mention hot and cold beverages, delicious milkshakes and a selection of local wines. I got recommended to try the club sandwich (which is not on the menu) and boy oh boy it was a masterpiece of note! Freshly home-made bread filled with layers of deliciousness!

Fettucine Alfredo
Chicken Breast with bacon and mushroom sauce
Beef Burger
Club Sandwich

It is definitely worth the drive out to the scenic De Doorns. Make sure you add this to your list when traveling through Hex River Valley.

Veldskoen Padstal
De Doorns, N1
023 356 2619

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