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Whether you are looking for picture perfect views or you are looking to discover unique wines, visiting wine farms can be a thrilling and exciting adventure. Many people tend to think of Paarl or Stellenbosch when they want to visit a wine farm but just a tiny stretch north, the Breedekloof Valley lies waiting with so much to offer.

Once you emerge through the Du Toitskloof Mountains and Huguenot tunnel, the Breedekloof Valley opens up to a kaleidoscope of rustic and rugged mountains and some of the most inviting wine farms you’ll ever come across. But what makes just over an hour’s drive to this valley worth the trip?

Breedekloof most definitely has one of the most beautiful unspoilt views in the Cape Winelands. A peaceful and charming setting awaits you with small family-owned farms offering a unique and memorable experience.

The routes less travelled leads to discovering hidden gems and you often find that the small, boutique family-owned wine farms offer far more authentic interaction. Some of these farms go back as far as nine generations. The valley is
unique with a diverse terroir and allows for the wines to be made from a wide spectrum of wine varieties, creating award-winning wines.

Botha Kelder is situated in the beautiful Breedekloof Wine Valley on the R43 towards Ceres, not far from the majestic BOSJES Chapel. The tasting room is beautiful with a timeless setting that draws you in instantly. It evokes an air of elegance with a slick and sophisticated edge.

The room is decorated with a clean and contemporary design of earthy tones and striking light fixtures to add to the ambience. Chic and vibrant furniture adds colour and elegant refinement with classical touches and offers both visual and textural contrast that will revitalise your senses in more ways than one.

Botha Kelder offers an excellent selection of well-crafted wines under the Botha Kelder label. The Inspired range consists of high quality wines, whereas the Valley range includes red and white wines as well as delectable full sweet fortified wines. The Social range is one of the most user friendly wine range on the market. The ideal everyday, anytime wine, that will stand proudly on any social table.

Opt for a tasting of 3 wines or 5 wines or even the Inspired Range. Enjoy a delicious Cheese Platter for two that comes with deli meats, cheese, preserves, olives, pesto, green figs, homemade chutney and selection of bread to round if off. Currently the platters are only available on Saturdays.

Botha Kelder Sauvignon Blanc 2021

This is a gentle elegant wine that greets you with a bouquet of tropical fruit, green fig and citrus notes. These flavours follow through on the palate and are supported by a vibrant acidity, crisp minerality and a refreshing palate with long fruitful finish.

Amyah Chenin Blanc 2020

A well-balanced medium bodied wine that displays the true characteristics of the Breedekloof Valley. Amyah (Am-ee-ah) means creative insight most loved, creative force, inquisitive and uncertainty. Uncertainty is the negative hurdle which has inspired the winemakers’ intuitive thinking and their creative executions.

Wow what a beautiful elegant wine! The wine has an abundance of dried peaches, ripe tropical fruit and flavours of spring on the nose. The wine’s palate displays a well-rounded richness of flavour and good acidity, with notes of peaches and almonds adding to the rewarding complexity.

Botha Kelder Chenin Blanc 2021

This taste like summer in a glass. The wine is well balanced, full flavoured and displays refreshing notes of guava and tropical fruit salad on the nose and palate. It has a good acidity with a long fruity aftertaste.

Botha Kelder Pinotage 2020

This wine has a deep red colour with hints of strawberry and ripe cherry flavours on the nose. On the palate it has a smooth and soft taste with beautiful red fruit that lingers. The tannin structure rounds off this beautiful wine and is a joy to the palate.

Botha Kelder Late Bottled Vintage 2016

A Fortified wine made in the Breedekloof with 100% Shiraz. A rich colour with intense raisin and berry aromas, following through with a soft but full rounded palate of dark cherries and black forest cake. Tannins are fine, ripe and seamless with lots of presence from start to finish without it being too overly sweet.

Botha Kelder Hanepoot 2019

Beautifully fragrant flavours fill the glass with honeysuckle notes. A lusciously sweet palate of honey, litchi, apricots and marmalade undercurrents, all buoyed by zippy acidity and lingering hints of citrus rind and subtle minerality.

Tasting Experience

What is better than sipping top South African wines in a beautiful setting? Pairing flavours with delicious bites and unique experiences, of course. There is something so fun about trying new food flavours and how it enhances the flavours in the wine to create a sensory taste sensation.

The Tasting Experience at Botha Kelder offers a Delish and a Tapas pairing. Indulge your senses with four delectable bites. Both pairingsq are absolutely delicious and complements the wines to perfection.

Delish Pairing – R85

Potato and Pea Samoosa is paired with the Sauvignon Blanc 2021. The Pea enhances the green aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc and the potato supports the palate and marries the flavours together. It brightens up the wine and is a real delight.

Next is a South African favourite – Roosterkoek topped with Chipotle. A taste sensation to the palate as the zesty chipotle and the sweet pepper flavours livens up the freshness of the Chenin Blanc 2021.

What is more South African than biltong and Pinotage. Nothing like a delicious Biltong Quiche and flaky pastry to create the yummiest pastry bite to pair with the Pinotage 2020. A match made in heaven that balances out the flavours, but at the same time the biltong brings out the spice oakiness in the wine.

Late Bottled Vintage 2016 rounds off this pairing with its rich raisin and berry aromas and is paired with a delightful Date and Nut Treat. The sweetness of the dates complements the deep richness of the fortified wine. The perfect treat to crave the sweet tooth.

Tapas Pairing – R95

The Sauvignon Blanc 2021 is fruity and refreshing with a vibrant acidity and crisp minerality. It pairs brilliantly with the Cream Cheese and Chive Truffle served on top of a crispy crostini. A flavourful bite that enchances the green aromas in the wine whilst the creaminess and richness of the cream cheese smoothes out the palate. Yummy and appetising.

Who can say no to Corn and Cheese Half Moons encased in a golden crispy deliciousness? It is paired perfectly with Amyah Chenin Blanc 2020 with its fruity complexity and great acidity. The rich and creaminess of the half moon coats the palate and smoothes out the wine while the fruity flavours in the wine is enhanced and leaves your taste buds wanting more.

Some things in life are just meant to be like a Beef Sausage Roll. It is the perfect companion to the Pinotage 2020. The rustic, yet sweet berry profile of the Pinotage makes it an excellent pairing and elevates the savoury notes in the sausage roll. The perfect combination to satisfy your palate.

Think salty-tangy blue cheese and sweet figs in a cookie. A strange yet delicious mix of sweet and savoury. Hanepoot 2019 was chosen to pair with the Blue Cheese and Fig Cookie as the sweetness of the wine works well with the pungency of the cheese. The complex flavours of the blue cheese don’t overwhelm the wine. Instead, they marry together beautifully.

Kiddies Tasting

Kids can join in on the tasting experience and join in on the fun with Oreo, Zoo and Jolly Jammer Cookies paired with a Chocolate, Strawberry and Cream Soda Milk.

Botha Kelder is family-friendly and also offers a safe outdoor play area where kids can play to their heart’s content while parents can watch them and still enjoy a glass of wine in a comfortable setting.

Walk-ins welcome – for groups of more than 4 people a pre-book is ideal, but not a prerequisite.

Contact Botha Kelder at of phone 023 355 1740 for more information.

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