Greek-Style Mushroom Blended Burger

Bun, beef patty, burger. Basic, but still brilliant. And you’ll love them even more when you add mushrooms – just halve the meat and mix in the same amount of finely chopped fungi for the ultimate flavour hack!



40g Fresh Tomato
12g Fresh Parsley
300g Beef Mince
300g Button Mushrooms
1 slice Stale White Bread
1/2 Large Onion
3ml Dry Oregano
1ml Ground Cinnamon
1ml Ground Cumin
12ml Olive Oil
1ml Baking Powder
1ml Salt


  1. Drench the slice of bread in water – put aside
  2. Grate the tomato & finely chop the parsley – put aside
  3. Roughly chop the mushrooms and flash fry – put aside
  4. Fry onions in olive oil until soft – put aside
  5. Add the cooked mushrooms, onion, bread, spices, herbs, baking powder, chopped tomato and
    parsley to the raw mince. Add seasoning to taste
  6. Mix by hand ensuring ingredients are well distributed
  7. Form the burger patty and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  8. Grill or fry patty

Two toasted Sesame Seed buns
A side salad and zucchini fries
2 x tablespoons of tzatziki to spoon over the patties

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